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Juice and Sushi Wonderland the best Japanese restaurant in Brisbane that serves delicious foods. We provide value to our customers by providing quality food. Your satisfaction is our happiness.

Juice and Sushi Wonderland is located at the 21 Mary Street, Brisbane.

Juice and Sushi Wonderland provides a pleasant and fancy dining environment to our lovely customers. We serve a variety of nirigi sushi, sushi rolls and also hot meals with seasonal and fresh ingredients. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff to check out the daily special.

Juice and Sushi Wonderland offers pretty good Japanese meals with reasonably good price. Serving high quality and legendary food for native Japanese and Japanese food lovers in Brisbane City. We always use fresh, high-quality grade ingredients made with Japanese rice and is prepared and packaged carefully to ensure maximum quality and satisfaction.

Juice and Sushi Wonderland Offers:

• Breakfast

• Takeaway Only

• Rice Paper Rolls

• Rice Dishes

• Noodle Dishes

• Sushi Party

• Fresh Juice

• Smoothies

• Vegetarian Friendly

• Gluten Free Options

And many more

Come and order Juice and Sushi Wonderland in Brisbane and experience the best-tasting sushi and juice NOW!


Rice Dishes

Rice Dishes

Sushi Platters

Sushi Platters

Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Breakfast and Rice Paper Rolls

Breakfast and Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Dishes

Rice Dishes

Noodle Dishes

Noodle Dishes

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