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Restaurants - Toowong, QLD

Located in Toowong, Joe's Biltong Bar is a South African cafe/grocery store stocking biltong, drywors, boerewors and South African products with rich flavours making you crave for more!

Welcome to Joe's Biltong Bar!

Joe's Biltong Bar is a South African café and grocery store in Toowong. We offer authentic South African delicacies such as biltong! Biltong is our specialty and favoured by our customers.

If you know American Jerky, Biltong is similar but it fills the niche inhabited by jerky and is served for the same purpose. In fact, Biltong was made as a way of preserving meat without refrigeration. This method was commonly used in the past, and it's a fantastic way of stocking meat!

Biltong is made with the absence of heat, while most jerky is cooked in a dehydrator for 6 to 12 hours. Biltong is specifically air-dried for up to a week by hanging the meat on hooks. Biltong’s use of vinegar – whether white, brown or apple cider – is not specifically for taste (that’s a bonus), but as a curing agent, and to help keep flies off the meat as it dries.

Our product is perfect for your daily healthy snack, fulfilling your craving for Biltong made with our finest ingredients. Delicious cuts of meat which are then Marinated with our special secret spice blend leaving you to crave for it even more after your first bite!

Joe's Biltong Bar's Products are:

• Biltong

• Biltong Sticks

• Droe Wors

and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Try our products as your new favourite snack/food!


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