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Bathroom Supply Store - Hornsby, NSW

Ideal Bathroom Centre based in Hornsby specialises in modern bathroom design and outstanding products such as bathroom accessories, basins, baths & spas, drainage, mirrors, tiles and so much more.

Welcome to the Ideal Bathroom Centre!

At Ideal Bathroom Centre, we keep moving forward to enhance our quality of service and products. With years of industry experience, strong suppliers relationships and highly qualified staff, we would like to provide our customers with an unbeatable price on bathroom products.

As a professional bathroom designer, Ideal Bathroom Centre combines several different kinds of products as a set. We are the best bathroom supply store in Hornsby and there is nothing related to the bathroom you couldn't find at Ideal Bathroom Centre.

We generate modern bathroom ideas and renovations, design bathroom vanities and luxury spa bathroom, deal with bathroom floor drains, install bathroom kitchen laundry, showers and tapware. The reason why we provide this range of products is that we don't want our customers to compromise on style or affordability. If you still have no idea what you are looking for, speak to one of our friendly staff and he/she might give you some suggestions.

Our range of products include:

• Bathroom Accessories

• Basins

• Baths & Spas

• Drainage

• Heated Towel Rails

• Kitchen & Laundry

• Mirrors

• Showers

• Tapware

• Tiles

• And so much more

If you are looking for bathroom specialists in Hornsby, do not hesitate to call or visit Ideal Bathroom Centre today!


Fienza LILLIAN Rail Shower Set

Fienza LILLIAN Rail Shower Set with Vintage cross handle design

Caroma Urbane II Round Compact Twin Shower

Choosing the right type of shower for your bathroom from the Urbane II Showers Collection will ensure a luxurious showering experience every time.

Timberline Oscar Small Space Vanity

There are two types of Timberline Oscar Small Space Vanity. Wall hung and freestanding on kickboard

Decina Elisi 1700 Contour Spa Bath-14 Jets

Easy to install, the spa pump is integrated into the end of the bath's perimeter, so it can be freely located in your bathroom.

Timberline Hudson Box Tallboy 1500mm

Timberline is Australian made brand, providing a wide range of vanities, tallboys, shavers etc

Fienza Koko Concealed Wall Faced Toilet Suite

Rimless hygienic flush with concealed pan for easy cleaning

Milano Pencil Edge Shaving Cabinet

Minimalist shaving cabinet design with Gloss White Polyurethane

ADP Petite Shelf 800mm Small Space Vanity

Wall hung or floor mount (detachable kickboard).

NEW Elegant 1500mm Ceramic Freestanding Vanity

Standing vanity furniture set with slim ceramic cupboard basin.

What to Consider Before Buying a Toilet?

When it comes to finding a new toilet, buying the right one is important. That's because it's one of the elements of your home that gets the most use.

Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom With Accessories

With the right choice of online bathroom accessories, you can add a touch of style, elegance, and functionality to your bathroom.

Choosing bathroom mirrors: what to do and what not to do

There are many options for size, style and shape to choose from, so I’ve put together this guide to help you put things into perspective and get your bathroom mirror just right.

Romance in the Bath? Freestanding Vs. Built-In Bathtubs

Weighing the pros and cons of design decisions in the bath? Read more to get some ideas

What's the right choice for you? WALL-HUNG VANITIES or FREESTANDING VANITIES

To assist picky connoisseurs in deciding on a vanity style for their bathroom, we have meticulously gathered a list of recommendations so that they can make an informed decision.

Things to Consider for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Despite being the smallest room in a home, we actually spend a fair amount of our time in the bathroom. That's why most people consider renovating their bathroom. Read for more.

Why Do You Need to Buy Modern Bathroom Vanities?

High quality bathroom vanities are essential to the health and longevity of any luxury bathroom. This is the reason why you need to buy modern bathroom vanities.

Read These Tips Before Redoing Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house but also the most expensive to renovate. If you’re looking to revamp your bathrooms, the following tips can help you make the most of your budget.

The Importance of Vanities and Fixtures in a Bathroom Renovation

Have you ever decided to remodel your bathroom? This is how vanities and fixtures are important for your bathroom. Read for more.

The Efficient Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

Which room in the house do you least like cleaning? Bet you said the bathroom. Read this article to find the best cleaning tips.

5 Hacks to Design Your Modern Bathroom

Designing a bathroom is a task that requires your complete and undivided attention. Why? Because it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Check this out!

Modern vs Traditional Bathrooms

Modern design takes quite a departure from the antique and ornate detailed traditional interior design theme. Read it more to know the difference between traditional and modern bathrooms.

Choose Your Bathroom Mirror That Suited With Your Style

A bathroom mirror's shape can really set the tone for the rest of the space. There is so much you can do with differently-shaped bathroom mirrors in terms of functionality and creative standpoint.

When Should You Replace Your Bathroom Vanity?

After some time, your bathroom vanity may look outdated or old. It's a sign that even though it might still be functional, it's not optimal. When should you replace your bathroom vanity?

How You Can Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Do you have a limited amount of space to work with for your new bathroom? Here's how you can make your bathroom look bigger.

Read These Pros & Cons Of Wall Hung Vanities

The wall-hung vanities are stylish and minimalistic, but are they perfect for your ideal bathroom? Read these pros and cons of wall hung vanities!

Should You Have A Farmhouse Sink In Your Kitchen?

Thinking about buying a farmhouse sink but unsure if it will suit your kitchen? Here are some helpful tips to know if you should have a farmhouse sink in your kitchen or not!

Don't Use Regular Mirrors As Your Bathroom Mirrors

When buying a bathroom mirror, know that the bathroom is full of moisture and it can damage your newly bought mirror. Don't use regular mirrors as your bathroom mirrors.

When Should You Upgrade Your Bathroom?

You may be looking at your bathroom and wondering when you need to renovate it. Ideal Bathroom Centre has prepared an article to give you an idea of when should you upgrade your bathroom.

What To Do If You Find A Small Crack In Your Bathtub?

Ever noticed a small hairline crack in your bathtub? Maybe it's just on the surface, so you didn't think too much of it at the time. What to do if you find a small crack in your bathtub?

Are Stone Basins Suitable For Your Ideal Bathroom?

Natural stone basins offer homeowners an alternative to the bathroom and kitchen décor. But are stone basins suitable for your ideal bathroom?

Designing An Ideal Kid's Bathroom

Styling up a bathroom for kids is such an exciting opportunity. You can have fun with colours, decorations, and themes. So here are some ideas to design an ideal kid's bathroom.

Hand Showers Or Overhead Showers For Your Ideal Bathroom?

Hand showers and overhead showers offer extremely handy features in your shower area. So, hand showers or overhead showers for your ideal bathroom?

Minimalist Essentials For Your Ideal Bathroom In Hornsby

If minimalism is your jam, keep reading as we will go through some minimalist essentials for your ideal bathroom in Hornsby.

4 Things Every Bathroom Should Have

Beginning the process of renovating your bathroom is incredibly exciting, but you should know what to put there. Here are 4 things every bathroom should have.

Bathroom Upgrade: Should You Renovate Or Remodel Your Bathroom?

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Smart Laundry Room Ideas You Can Try

Love it or hate it, but doing laundry is unavoidable. If you're looking for ways to make laundry day run more smoothly, we've prepared smart laundry room ideas you can try.

Choosing The Perfect Bathtub For You

Being the largest fixture, the bathtub can be the centrepiece of your bathroom. So, choose the perfect bathtub for you to accentuate your bathroom.

Best Minimalist Bathroom Ideas You Should Adapt

Are you yearning for a clutter-free, sleek lined bathroom that sparks joy? Aren't we all. Here are the best minimalist bathroom ideas you should adapt.

Affordable Bathroom Upgrades For An Expensive Feeling

There are numerous ways you can give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank. Here are some affordable bathroom upgrades for an expensive feeling.

It's Time For A New Toilet!

Does your toilet look and function similar to an outhouse from the days of yore? Is it damaged, leaky or otherwise not performing? Then maybe it's time for a new toilet!

Powder Room: Does Your House Need One?

A powder room is a bathroom designed for guests with just a toilet, sink, and minimal storage. There's no tub or shower. Does your house need one?

Small Bathroom Design Tricks To Make It Feel Bigger

A good bathroom design that is practical but still stylish is key to making your small bathroom work for you. Read on small bathroom design tricks to make it feel bigger!

Choose The Perfect Shower Screen With These Tips!

If you’re undergoing a bathroom remodel, no doubt you’re thinking of getting a shower screen installed. Choose the perfect shower screen with these tips!

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

When renovating your bathroom, have a plan. But even with a plan, mistakes can happen. Here are some bathroom renovation mistakes you should avoid.

Few Tips on How to Clean your Bathroom

It's difficult to clean ourselves or the kids in a dirty bath, so we need to maintain it clean. Here are Tips on how to clean your bathtub

5 Guidelines for Choosing the Best Bathroom Tile

Are you still confused choosing the best tile for your bathroom? Here are 5 guidelines for choosing the suit bathroom tile. Check this out!

Things You Need to Know About Smart Toilet

A smart toilet is an advanced toilet using built-in smart technology, or technology capable of interacting and connecting with the user. This is few things you might want to know about Smart Toilet

Reasons You Should Have A Double Sink In Your Bathroom

A double sink is not only stylish but provides great functionality as well. Keep reading to know the reasons you should have a double sink in your bathroom!

Small Bathroom Remodelling Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

Bathroom remodelling is a creative process that can be quite enjoyable. If you're renovating a small bathroom, here are some small bathroom remodelling ideas you should definitely consider.

Small Vanities Ideas for Small Bathroom

Because space is limited in a tiny bathroom, the vanity you choose should be carefully considered. While there is no right or wrong answer, certain features and aesthetics will appeal to you.

Tips Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

No matter how big or little the project is, bathroom renovation can be a huge undertaking. We've put together a lists of things you need to pay attention to before renovate your bathroom

Bathroom Trends in 2021 You Need to Know

If you're looking for ideas, we've compiled a list of the most recent 2021 interior decor trends for modern bathrooms to help you figure out exactly what you want and need.

Simple Ways of Updating Your Tired Bathroom

Although it may seem impossible, a low-cost bathroom redesign is entirely achievable. These are lists of things you can do for your mini bathroom makeover.

Change Your Life With These Toilet Seats

Bidets or toilets? Warming or freezing cold? Music players or natural sounds? If you're about to buy a new toilet, change your life with these 3 toilet seats. Keep reading or visit our store today!

Bathroom Vanities Trends 2021 for your Bathroom Makeover

If you're thinking of remodeling or making some modest modifications to your bathroom, the bathroom vanity is one of the locations where you can make a major difference.

Small Bathtub for Your Small Bathroom

Who says your little bathroom can't have a bathtub? Take a look at these suggestions for the best bathtub for your bathroom.

Lighting Tips for your Bathroom

To make the most of the space, effective bathroom lighting design is necessary. Read this bathroom lighting tips for the bathroom lighting ideas and suggestions to help you

How to Maximize Storage in your Small Bathroom

You don't have to sacrifice storage because you have a tiny area. These tricks will show you how to make the most of every square inch of your little bathroom.

Top 4 Bathroom Accessories You Should Have

Everybody wants a bathroom that looks great and that works for them! The best way to do this is by choosing the right bathroom accessories. So consider these 4 must-have bathroom accessories!

The Easiest Way to Clean your Bathroom

Sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets deserve special cleaning because of what we put them through every day. Lucky for you, we're here to tell you the easy way to clean your bathroom.

What suits your bathroom best? Bathtub or Shower?

When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of baths and showers, there's a lot to consider. Is one superior to the other?

Heating System Solutions for your Bathroom

The variety of bathroom heaters available can be daunting. So we’ve got the advice and information you need to choose the right heating solution for you.

Choosing the Right Mirror for your Bathroom

Bathroom mirror that is carefully curated and properly sized, placed and illuminated will make the biggest difference in your space. Here are types of bathroom mirror you should know

How Bathroom Vanities Help Declutter Your Messy Countertops?

Hairdryers, flat irons, sprays and other products can easily create an unsightly mess on your bathroom countertops. Having a vanity can help declutter it, so let us help you choose the perfect vanity!

Accessories Bathroom You Must Have

To add the theme, mood, and appearance of your bathroom, you can always play with accessories. Here are must-have accessories for your Bathroom

Ideal Sink for your Bathroom

Bathroom sinks are available in a variety of types and sizes, so, to ensure you find the one that suits you best, equip yourself with the knowledge you'll need to narrow down the best option.

Choose the Best Bathroom Taps

It's not only about style when deciding the bathroom taps are right for you; it's also about functionality. here are the things you need to consider before choosing your bathroom taps

Tips on how to Choose Accessories for Your Bathroom

When it comes to choose accessories for a bathroom, the issue of what to buy and what not to buy is unavoidable. so, this is few tips on what to do before choosing your bathroom accessories

The Right Shower Heads for your Bathroom

Before you decide on what kind of head shower you want for your Bathroom, see these few types of head shower you might need to know.

Choosing Bathroom Vanities: 5 Tips You Should Know

Single or double sink, floating or free-standing, on-trend or traditional? When it comes to bathroom vanities you’re spoilt for choice. Read on for the best tips to choose your bathroom vanities!

Top 6 Basin Types For Your Bathroom

In this article, you can find 6 different types of bathroom sinks aka basins you can buy from Ideal Bathroom Centre in Hornsby or Macquarie Park. Contact us for more information!

How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

Whether it’s a full demolition or a minor transformation, taking the time to plan your bathroom renovation and decide what and who you need for the project will help you build your dream bathroom.

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