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Consulting - Point Frederick, NSW

Hub Migration Australia, the best migration agent in Central Coast Region, NSW, offers innovative migration solutions to assist with your life-changing move to Australia.

Hub Migration Australia

the best migration agent in Central Coast Region, NSW, offers innovative migration solutions to assist with your life-changing move to Australia. Our migration support extends beyond the processing of visa applications and we work hard to ensure your relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Hub Migration Australia has a number of trusted partners that can assist with migration insurance, removals, banking, money transfers, accommodation and general relocation queries. We can also connect you with like-minded migrants who can share their experiences.

Migration changes lives and engagement throughout the process are vital for our clients to realise the dream of moving to Australia. We actively profile our success stories and keep you engaged through our weekly blog, news and social media channels. Our initial consultation is free and designed to answer all your immediate questions.

Migration can be a stressful experience. In our experience, up-to-date information delivered efficiently and punctually, can ensure the process runs smoothly throughout. Hub Migration embraces technology to ensure our clients are always well informed before, during and after your migration to Australia.

If you need assistance with Partner, TSS and Permanent Visas, contact Hub Migration Australia today!


Tips for Moving Countries and Looking for Work

So, you've finally decided to make the jump, and try and move to live & work in Australia. Migrating to another country is no small task; after all, you are practically changing your entire lifestyle.

Navigating loan finance in Australia

Settling into a new life in Australia can call for additional funds, and it makes sense to understand how the loan system works.

Common Ways to Migrate to Australia

Australia is very popular on the list of countries which people would most like to migrate to. Australia has a warm climate, a strong economy, a stable system of government

Planning to migrate to Australia?

There is really no dearth of people keen to shift base to Australia -- the Kangaroo Land.

To deal with labour shortage, Australia may soon start a new visa

While the exact details of the visa are not known, Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has said delivering a special agriculture visa for the current picking season is his key priority.

Occupation Ceiling For 2018-19 Skilled Migration Announced

Migration agents believe visa applicants will continue to face problems due to the requirement of a high score on points test and suspect it could lead to similar cuts in skilled migration.

Qantas Steers Around 457 Visa Crackdown With Deal For Overseas Pilots

Qantas has struck an agreement with the Turnbull government to get around new restrictions on skilled visa workers and recruit overseas pilots for long-term stays.

Your chance to migrate to Australia. NSW announces 2018-19 skills list

A successful state nomination adds five additional points to the overall points score of an applicant for a permanent visa.

Top Sydney Attractions

Taking a vacation to Sydney, Australia, can be a grand adventure for you and your family with the huge number of Sydney attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Rules to Keep in Mind in getting an Australian Visa

A visa generally refers to a formal endorsement which is endowed by a certain government on a person's passport

Indians Largest Migrant Group in Victoria

People of Indian-origin have become the largest migrant group in the Australian province of Victoria for the first time in history, Australia’s national census has found.

Things to Consider when Migrating to Australia

A thriving economy, open-minded people and a generous dose of blessing from Mother Nature, Australia is increasingly becoming a much sought-after destination for relocation.

Top Holidays in Australia

With our outdoors lifestyle it may seem like Australians are always on holiday. In fact, Australians have a relatively strong work culture which we will discuss in a later blog.

What are the Types of Australian Visa

The visa system of Australia is quite simple with particular visas for particular purposes of entering the country.

Best Ways to Migrate to Australia

One of the most in-demand destinations for vacations and people who are migrating is Australia.

Why Migrate to Australia?

Australia boasts of a high growth economy with political stability, multicultural society with a high standard of living, and a temperate climate with a stunningly beautiful landscape.

This Is How To Manage Your Immigration

The complexity of the process is one of the reasons that using a registered migration agent or immigration lawyer is a good idea.

Why You Should Make Use Of A Migration Agent's Resources

When you decided and have a chance of migrating to Australia, using the help of a migration agent will be of great help.

Planning to Move to Australia? Hire a Professional Migration Agent!

Millions of people have to move to Australia for over a decade. They all believed moving to Australia would give them the best chances for a better quality of life.

Choosing a Professional Migration Agent

Venturing into a foreign country requires immense preparations from the part of the traveler ranging from the financial support to managing to get a valid passport.

Importance of Hiring a Migration Agent

Migration from one country to another can be frustrating to the person who is seeking a change in their residency.

Top Regional Hubs in New South Wales

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the trends in migration to regional Australia for both affordability and quality of life.

The Sun Always Shines in Australia?

A pleasant myth about Australia, promoted by exported television programs and the tourism board, is that it’s always warm and sunny.

Different Types of Australian Visas

A visa is a government-sanctioned permit to enter, stay and exit a country granted to foreign nationals who wish to visit the concerned country.

Top Bits and Bobs on Aussie Business Etiquette

You may have heard how laid-back Australians are. But we mentioned recently that in fact, Australians work quite hard and relatively long hours compared to Europe.

Top Reasons to Move to Regional Australia

The increasing cost of housing in Australia’s major cities is a burden on Australian citizens, permanent residents and new migrants alike.

Top Reasons to Migrate to Queensland

Check out the top reasons on why you should migrate to Queensland

How to Beat getting Homesick for New Migrants

So, here you are in a new country and what is to be your home for the next few decades. You had finally packed your bags and a financially stressful process of relocating to a completely foreign land.

Why Moving to Australia is the Best Option

There are a lot of people from different countries who are considering travelling to Australia not as tourists but as immigrants.

What is an Employment VISA?

How often have you or a business colleague complained that it's hard to find good workers? Well, one option is to employ a skilled worker from overseas.

Different kinds of Traveller

Even if we don't get the opportunity to travel a lot like some people do, we all fall into some sort of category of traveller.

Useful Travelling Tips

Everyone loves the word travel! This means you will be visiting a foreign place or place away from home.

Best Tips to Follow Up your Australian Visa Application

Applying for an Australian visa is definitely no easy thing. The line at the embassy can be quite long and it might take you hours before you can have your application submitted.

Tips for Travelling to Australia

If you are thinking about visiting Australia - or any country in the world for that matter - it is important to find out as much as you can about your destination.

Visa Service Providers

Did you know that might be worth speaking to a registered visa specialist provider before putting in your employer sponsor visa application?

Advantages of Hiring the best Migration Agent

Moving to a new country can be the adventure of a lifetime but it can also be a complicated process.

Tips for Moving to Australia

Australians like to refer to Australia as 'The lucky country'. It is a phrase that is held close to every Australian heart.

Facts About Australian Visas

In the modern world, there are few things governments protect more fiercely than the security of their borders.

Five Tips for your De Facto Visa

The Australian immigration system is one of the most complicated and difficult in the world. Though it is quite straightforward, there is one aspect of this process that needs clarification.

Why Choose a Professional Migration Agent?

While it is not a legal requirement in Australia to engage a registered visa service provider, it is advised that you do.

Using a Migration Agent

The best way to plan your migration is to hire the best migration agent in Central Coast Region NSW. They are legal experts in migrating and can save you time, stress and money.

Here's Why Migrating To Australia Is One Of The Best Option

Australia is said to be one of the most suitable places to live in the world. Here's why.

How to make a Subclass 457 Visa into Permanent Residency

We are frequently approached by people who have been sponsored to work in Australia on a temporary subclass 457 visa and are seeking advice on obtaining permanent residency (PR).

Australian Visas: Your Way to have fun in the sun

A visa is a document that allows a person entrance into a country. They are formally registered with the government and are usually a requisite for entrance into a country by foreigners.

What are the Requirements for an Australian Work Visa

Yearly, more than a hundred thousand people travel to work in Australia. And not surprisingly, there are a lot more falling in line to get their own chance to work in the country.

Requirements in Acquiring Australian Visa

Prior to lodging your application for an Australian partner visa, you have to be aware of the documents that will be required, and also understand well what the process is about.

Why Visit Fraser Island in Queensland?

Fraser island national park is a World Heritage listed area that is located off the south-central coast of Queensland, north of Brisbane in the Pacific Ocean.

Best Reasons why you should Become an Australian Resident

Is there any better place than Australia if you are really planning on settling down at a well-known destination and starting a new lease on life?

Steps in Acquiring an Australian Tourist Visa

Officially called the Commonwealth of Australia, this country is located on the southern hemisphere, and is considered the world's smallest continent.

Finding the Best Place in Australia to Settle In

Many people have come to think that migration to Australia is one of the best ways to lead a better life. It definitely is, however, moving to Australia is not that simple.

What are the Benefits of Australian Visa

If you are considering migrating to Australia you would need an Australian Visa. As for why you should go to the continent and country, that is obvious, is it not?

Why you need Australian Visa for Migrating

Australian visa is the most important thing you should have if you intend to go to Australia.

Top Beaches in Sydney that you must visit

Sydney harbours some of the world's most beautiful warm sandy beaches. Each year, thousands of tourists flock to this amazing city on a quest to find the perfect wave of Sydney.

Top Attractions to Visit in Queensland

Since this has the World Heritage-listed island, the largest coral reef in the world and a line-up of beaches, where do you start?

Why Migrate to Brisbane

A move to Brisbane is all about the weather. Each year thousands of people migrate to Brisbane to enjoy the opportunities afforded by the strong, tourism-based economy, and the year-round summer.

Top Places to Visit in Melbourne

Check out the best tourist spots in Melbourne Australia that will make your holiday vacation perfect.

8 Reasons you should Move to Australia

Since the European settlement in 1788, individuals and families from nearly 200 nations have immigrated to Australia.

Best Reasons to Move to Australia

The name of Australia today doesn't just imply that it is a part of earth's continents but it is now considered as a fine choice for vacation and for economic purposes.

Lost in Transition? 457/TSS Update

In a few weeks (we are still not exactly sure when) our old friend, the 457 visa is going bye bye!

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