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Barbers - Surry Hills, NSW

House of Handsome Barbershop Surry Hills is a place to go to for your grooming requirements whether its a haircut, hot towel shave or illuminating facial.

Welcome to House of Handsome Barbershop Surry Hills!

House of Handsome is a traditional barbershop with a modern twist. We pride ourselves on providing a marvelous experience and excellent service.

Here are our services :

- Facial ( 25 minutes)

3 step facial

1st- steam to open pores

2nd- using a face scrub to clean

3rd- rejuvenating mask

And to finish a hot towel

-Threading (15 minutes)

Using an ancient technique by using a length of string to remove hair from, cheeks, nose, and shape eyebrows

-Buzzcut (15 minutes)

Using the clipper to get an even length all over, your choice of all same length or shorter back and side. (Fade is not included)

- Hot towel shave (15 minutes)

1st hot towel, pre-shave creme, 2nd hot towel, hot lather, straight razor shave, 3rd hot towel and finish with your pick of aftershave balm

- Style cut (20 minutes)

Haircut, neck shave, and styling.

Your comfort is important to us! When you visit, we like to make sure you feel like home!

Come to our barbershop at 585 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia.

You are very welcomed!

Beard Trim Service

Beard Trim Service

Our professional Barbers can help you trim your beard to perfection.

Valid Until 30 Apr, 2023

Men Threading

Men Threading

Threading is an ancient technique to remove and trim short hairs. House of Handsome Surry Hills offers this technique to gentlemen who want to get the maximum grooming result!

Valid Until 31 Mar, 2022

Hot Towel Shave Technique - House of Handsome

Hot Towel Shave Technique - House of Handsome

We provide you a professional Hot Towel Shave Technique only at House of Handsome

Valid Until 31 Mar, 2025

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