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8 Fitzgibbon Avenue, BRUNSWICK WEST, VIC 3055, Australia
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Vitamin & Supplements Store - Brunswick West, VIC

Hermedbio is an online platform selling only essential naturopathic medicine in Australia and around the world. Try a hidden natural solution for any life occasion. Wide range of superfoods.

Hermedbio, Hermetic Hedonism World's Natural Ingredients.

In ancient mythologies from Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures an identical spiritual legend was represented as an icon of wisdom, science and medicine. He was known under different names; Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus, Mercury or Thoth the god of commerce, wealth, alchemy and the patron of all the arts.

By wandering the world grasping knowledge, observing endless territories and meeting with communities, collecting various types of useful ingredients that can solve health related conditions, change inner spiritual and material underworlds. Hermeticism is the one of the oldest non-Christian belief systems named after him, it explains essential laws of the universe and ways for personal growth.

Hermebio is a modern digital representation of the spiritual hermetic ideology supplying only essentially beneficial supplements for any life occasions. Our intention is to serve the most valuable ingredients containing natural chemical elements that reveal positively on overall mental or physical health. We are deeply encouraged in holistic healing methods used by ancient cultures around the world.

Why not combine good taste and health benefits at the same time? This platform is about helping people be more aware with the choice in products they use daily. There are many tools that in conjunction with a conscious approach can well help to improve everyday performance. A number of scientific evidence suggest that there are more less harmful, traditional ways to treat some disturbing mental states of mind, sometimes more effectively than certain prescription medications.

We do not propagate a biased view against any modern therapeutic approaches, only want to support the idea of a flourishing lifestyle providing both philosophical and scientific educational material.

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