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38 Manchester Lane, MELBOURNE, VIC 3000, Australia

Restaurant & Grill - Melbourne, VIC

The best restaurants in Melbourne CBD, according to us. Ginger Olive Bistro & Bar is a Contemporary Australian Fusion and Multi-Cuisine restaurant & grill renowned for BBQ, ribs, steaks and grills.

Welcome to Ginger Olive!

Ginger Olive is a redefined casual dining spot in an elegant premium ambience with a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment. We promise an amazing and memorable dining experience, value for money accompanied by uncompromising bespoke warm service.

Ginger Olive Restaurant and Grill is in the heart of Melbourne Central Business District, located in iconic Flinders Lane restaurant / café strips. It's just a 10-minute walk from Flinders Street Station!

The perfect charming venue ideal place for corporate functions and intimate social events, we can provide personalised and bespoke set up and menus for

Ginger Olive, the best bar and grill restaurant in Melbourne CBD, can be booked exclusively for more personalised events including Baby Shower, Baptism, Birthday and Wedding. Ideal place for Group bookings, Social & Intimate Private Events, Corporate Meetings and Functions. Up-market offsite catering for exclusive and discerning events offering flexible, personalised menus that suits every preference and requirement.

It is truly a “Taste to Remember”!

We are serving lunch and dinner on weekdays and weekends. The brunch menu is available on special events and occasional weekends.

Our lunch and dinner menu includes:

• Appetisers and Salads

• Burgers, Buns and Sliders

• Pasta and Noodles

• BBQ, Ribs, Steaks and Grills

• Seafood and Desserts

And in our bar, we have various choice of:

• Wines and Champagne

• Cocktails and Aperitifs

• Beers

• Spirits

Come visit us and enjoy your weekend at Ginger Olive Bistro & Bar!

38 Manchester Ln,

Melbourne 3000

(03) 9193 0611

0435 889 768


Ginger Olive Menu 1

Ginger Olive Menu 1

GInger Olive Menu 2

GInger Olive Menu 2

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Ginger Olive Restaurant and Grill

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