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Shops 15 & 16 (2 Selandra Rise Boulevard), CLYDE NORTH, VIC 3978, Australia
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Fruit and Vegetable Market - Clyde North, VIC

Farmland Fruit & Veggies is a fruit and vegetable market in Clyde North, VIC. We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our products.

Farmland Fruit & Veggies is a fruit and vegetable market located in Clyde North, VIC. We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our products.

Located in Selandra Rise Shopping Centre, our aim is to provide Victorian customers with the highest quality range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grocery that can be bought in Victoria and Australian markets.

Our fruit and vegetable store in Clyde North provides brilliant service with a vision of providing a cost and time-effective shopping experience. Farmland Fruit & Veggies continues to provide fresh and innovative ideas to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Our products:

Organic Fruits

We supply a range of fresh fruit for all tastes. Perfect for a light breakfast to start your day or as a delicious mid-afternoon snack with natural sugars and essential vitamins and minerals. Whether you eat fruit on its own or as an ingredient for a delicious recipe, you’ll find the ripest products here.

Fresh Vegetables

Our vegetables not only look fresh but taste fresh too! We ensure that your veggies won’t wilt as soon as you leave the store and will stay crisp and crunchy for as long as you want them to. Getting enough veggies in your diet is essential for your health — we make it easy, with our wide range.


We carry a range of fresh marinated meat, poultry and other items to bulk out your meal list. If you’re looking for inspiration for this week’s dinners, make sure to check out our range in store.

We have all the fresh ingredients you need to create your own tasty, fresh, and inexpensive meals.

If you are looking for the best fruits, vegetables, and grocery store in Clyde North, VIC that sells a high-quality range of fresh fruits and vegetables, Farmland Fruit & Veggies is your best choice.

Farmland Fruits & Veggies

Shops 15&16, 2 Selandra Boulevard, Clyde North, VIC, 3978

+61 457 306 789


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