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Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit on surfaces of stonework, stucco or concrete. It is whitish in look, and is sometimes referred to as "whiskers". Efflorescence has been a trouble for many years, and is a topic of much controversy. The formations of these salt deposits are not mystery. They are, for the most part, water-soluble salts that come from many probable sources to mar and detract from an otherwise beautiful and useful structure. First of all, there must be water here to dissolve and transport the salts. Groundwater is often a source of efflorescence. For water to carry or move the salts to the exterior there must be channels through which to move and migrate. Efflorescence Treatment Sydney Professionals has a selection of tools for efficient efflorescence removal. We also carry all the necessary treatments; agitation tools as well as chemical solutions to securely and efficiently removed efflorescence deposits internally and outwardly. We cover all Sydney suburbs and all NSW area. Efflorescence removal is not a DIY work unless it is in its very early light stages in which cases it could be removed with a stiff brush and a serious duty efflorescence remover. In later and more advanced stages specialty tools and solutions are required. Once Efflorescence Treatment Sydney remove the efflorescence from the affected area we will clean the sections thoroughly however just cleaning it will not stop it from returning.

Why Hire Us for Efflorescence-Removal Process:

- Proper efflorescence treatments that can remove the spots

- Clean the area

- Scrub or rubbing of spots

- A cleaning solution is applied to remove the efflorescence

- High-pressure cleaning is applied for final finishing

Contact Efflorescence Treatment Sydney today for the most advanced efflorescence solution possible..

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Efflorescence Treatment Sydney

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