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B&D doors since the unveiling of the first B&D Roll-A-Door in Sydney in 1956, the BND brand has grown to become an Australian icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation.

B&D Doors is an iconic Australian brand built on ingenuity and innovation. Let's roll with a B&D Garage Door.

From the development of our initial revolutionary all-steel garage door made from pressed metal sheets that could be rolled and unrolled as a continuous flexible curtain without cracking, we have continued to invest heavily in research and development. , B&D has been able to maintain its market leadership position for more than 50 years.

Long lasting, hard wearing and good-looking

For many homes a garage door provides an integral part of its street-facing appearance. That’s why B&D only manufactures doors that meet the toughest tests for performance, long life and durability, but also ones that provide the highest levels of aesthetic appeal. so if you are looking for a b & d garage door opener manual, b & d garage door opener prices, garage doors openers, reviews garage doors openers remotes,national australia wide garage doors openers and installation or even b&d roller door maintenance its all here.

With manufacturing plants across Australia as well as in New Zealand and Hong Kong, B&D is today recognised as the specialist in residential as well as industrial garage doors and shutters. Our products include the ever popular Roll-A-Door as well as Australia’s premium Pinchfree sectional garage door, the B&D Panelift and other innovative designs.

To date, we have manufactured well in excess of five million garage doors worldwide, with more than 2.5 million Roll-A-Doors sold in Australia alone.

State-of-the-art fail-proof opening technologies

In addition to manufacturing excellence, B&D has continued to harness the power of cutting edge technologies to deliver greater convenience for end users. An example of this is the incorporation of Tri-Tran Multi Frequency technology into the Controll-A-Door range of openers, which eliminates the interference issues that increasingly affect openers using 433Mhz frequency operating systems.

An unparalleled network of trained professional dealers

An extensive network of B&D Accredited Dealers across Australia ensures that the highest levels of customer service and support back every B&D product.

B&D Accredited Dealers undergo extensive training in all aspects of our products, including installation and maintenance procedures.


Wall / Visor Remote Control Clips

Allows you to mount your remote control to the wall or place on car sun visor for added convenience. (Clip for premium remote pictured).

Wall Mount Remote Control

Mounts inside the garage allowing remote door operation. Features Tri-Tran+™ Technology.

Tri-Tran+™ Remote Control

Convenient garage door control featuring advanced encryption technology to protect against code grabbing devices.

Tri-Tran+™ Premium Remote Control

Combines stylish and robust design with advanced encryption technology to protect against code grabbing devices. Available in black and red colours.

Emergency Key Release

Allows your garage door to be disengaged and operated manually from outside. Suits sectional door openers.

Combo Access Device

Allows you to open the door manually during a power failure, using a key to remove the barrel with a cord attached to the disengagement handle.

Rechargeable Battery Backup

In the event of a blackout or other break to the power supply, the opener will still be operational with a rechargeable battery back up.

Entry keypad

Allows entry to the garage without a remote transmitter. Great for children. No need to give them a key or transmitter as they can enter the house with their PIN.

Safety Beams

B&D always recommend the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors.

Emb-A-Seal for Sectional Doors

Comprising of aluminium seal holders that are fixed behind the jambs and lintel. Bristle brush seals fit into these holders to prevent the entry of embers, dirt & dust.

Emb-A-Seal for Rolling Doors

B&D Emb-A-Seals™ feature flame retardant rubber protects your garage from fire embers, dirt, dust and even vermin. They provide a solid barrier thanks to their superior gap filling ability.


The GDO-10 Toro is a feature rich easy-to-use and versatile "one box" solution for commercial and light industrial applications.

Controll-A-Door® Power Drive™

Power Drive™ is our most popular rolling door opener and features the power to effortlessly operate the majority of residential rolling doors.

Controll-A-Door® S

Combines secure, smooth and reliable garage door control with the added peace of mind of a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty* and premium remote controls.

Controll-A-Door® Prodigy™

When your home is your castle, Prodigy™ delivers smooth, ultra quiet operation, stylish design and the option of controlling your door via your smart phone.


The B&D Envir-A-Shutter™ is our fully insulated aluminium shutter. It is the perfect choice for applications that require thermal or sound insulation.

Aluminium Shutter

The B&D Aluminium Shutter range is designed to suit a multitude of commercial applications including shopfronts, sporting complexes, clubs, bars, countertops and secure car parking structures.

Advantage Shutter

The Roll-A-Shutter Advantage range is available in a large range of sizes, comes with a choice of slotting, perforation and slat styles. Also features optional high cycle operation.

Roll-A-Shutter 4/100

This economical light industrial door is highly versatile, typically used in counters, kiosks, bars, sheds, emergency service and supermarket entrances.

8/50 Roll-A-Shutter

Designed for small and light industrial applications. It is used in counters, kiosks & bars, shop trucks & vans.

Roll-A-Door S1 Mini Warehouse

Roll-A-Door S1 Mini Warehouse door delivers high standards of durability, security, operational ease, and most importantly, product longevity.


The B&D Toughpanel™ is suitable for heavy duty industrial and commercial applications, such as emergency services buildings. Strong in design, the Toughpanel has the ability to incorporate windows and insulation in individual panels.

P7™ Industrial

The B&D P7™ Industrial door is an innovative, sectional overhead panel door that can be purposely designed to suit its application. Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame that holds a large range of panel inserts.


B&D Enviropanel™ is a total insulated door system which starts with insulated panels, supported by a complete sealing system which works to combat air migration.

Timber Doors

You can now experience the natural feel, style and beauty of timber in your home with a B&D Cedarpanel timber door.


The unique B&D Flex-A-Door® is the perfect alternative when you are looking to replace your existing tilt door, or in situations where you have restricted headroom in your garage or carport.


A garage door can take up to 40% of a home’s frontage. With a B&D Design-A-Door™, you design the door to compliment the look you are after.


The Rollmasta® roller door is the ideal choice if you are looking for a good quality roller door at a budget price. Strong, secure and attractive and manufactured from a name you can trust.


Firmadoor® roller doors deliver the best in value at an affordable price. Each door is custom made with a range of features that deliver affordable strength and durability.

High Wind Rated Roller Doors

B&D Wind-Locked Roller Doors have been independently certified for use in all cyclone-affected regions throughout Australia. Compliant with the high wind requirements stated in the National Construction Code.


When you buy a B&D Roll-A-Door®, you’re buying an Australian icon. Australia’s most popular roller door includes the top of the line in design, styling and features.


The B&D Windpanel™ is our sectional door solution for use in all cyclone-affected regions throughout Australia.

Storm-Shield™ Wind Rated

B&D Storm-Shield™ wind rated sectional garage door is developed and independently tested to comply to AS/NZS 4505:2012 for Region C in Australia.


B&D Panelift® is strong, durable and built to last.


Delivers affordable and secure garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation that B&D is famous for. Suits the majority of standard rolling doors.


The PanelPro™ combines affordable garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation that B&D is famous for.

Controll-A-Door® Advance™

The smart design effortlessly delivers smooth and reliable door control with the flexibility to vary speed and power output according to door type.

Controll-A-Door® Prodigy™

When your home is your castle, Prodigy™ delivers smooth, ultra quiet operation, stylish design and the option of controlling your door via your smart phone.

Roll-A-Door® Series 3 Squareline

The Roll-A-Door® Series 3 is perfect for tight headroom situations, or where maximum opening height is required. Each door is custom made to suit individual openings.

Roll-A-Door® Series 2

The Roll-A-Door® Series 2 Light Industrial rolling door has long been the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. It features a higher standard of durability, performance and operational ease.

Firmadoor Series 2 Industrial

The Firmadoor® Series 2 Light Industrial Roll-Up door is the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications, as it provides high standards of durability, performance and importantly, operational ease.


B&D introduces the Smoothpanel™, a flat folded sectional door. Its distinctive minimal look and strong sharp lines are currently a favourite of modern architecture, and provide a clean look to any garage door opening.


The B&D Insul-Shield™ offers exceptional insulation technology and represents the smart choice for homeowners.

Panelift® Icon™

The B&D Panelift® Icon™ is in a class of its own when it comes to strength, durability and reliability, designed to give you and your family years of security, safety and protection.

Revised Australian Standards Wind-Reinforced Doors

B&D Doors & Openers Australia provides a variety of wind-resistant garage doors fully tested and certified to meet the revised Australian Standards.

Renovation Leads to Smooth Garage Door

Following renovations to the rest of their home, owners Peter de Maria and Cheryl Pye went in search of a garage door befitting the exterior's new aesthetics.

Garage Door Donation Build Strong Foundation

B&D Doors Australia has contributed a Panelift™ garage door and opener to a home in the Charterwood Estate on NSW's central coast.

Cyclone-rated garage door protects homes from unknown threat

New research indicates garage doors in high-wind areas are just as susceptible to being blown out from within as being blown in from outside.

All new B&D Enviropanel™

B&D Enviropanel™ is a total insulated door system that doesn’t cut corners. It is purposed designed as a complete system, not just a door, making it the perfect choice when home owners want to minimis

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