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Disinfecting & Sanitising Services - Macleod, VIC

AOS Services - Australian Odour & Sanitising Specialists is a disinfecting & sanitising services in Macleod, VIC who specialises in neutralising airborn viruses and surface toxins.

Indoor air quality is considered by the EPA to be one of the top environmental risks to Public Health.

AOS specialises in neutralising airborne and surface toxins that impact our health on a regular basis.

Our services including:

• Bio-Clean Cold Fogging

• Sanitise and Lasting Disinfectant Protection

• Broad-Spectrum Air Purification Treatments

• Remove Odours At The Molecular Level

• Antiviral Sanitisation

• Neutralise Airborn Toxins

Our services are IDEAL FOR:

Commercial/Domestic, Hospitals/Aged Care, Educational Facilities, Offices/Warehouses, Hospitality Industry, Gyms/Fitness Centre's, Cars/Caravans/Boats

Our cleaning products are 99.99% safe and once applied resolve into 100% Biodegradable components, leaving no toxins or hazardous waste behind.

Our product kills viruses and COVID-19.

All our work is certified and environmentally safe and biodegradable.

If you are looking for the best disinfecting and sanitising services in Macleod, do not hesitate to contact us at 0400 452 002 and protect your home and your loved ones now!


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