Your Key to Employment: Tips for Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

Your Key to Employment: Tips for Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

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Here are some tips that will help you deal with recruitment agencies successfully.

Take responsibility for your career.
It’s not the responsibility of your recruitment consultant to get you a job. Remember that recruitment consultants are sales people. They won’t find you the job that you really want to find, but the one they can best sell you for. They're keen to hit their sales targets, not to hold your hand. Exceptions may apply, but don’t rely on agencies and keep your expectations low.

Build a relationship with your recruitment consultant.
If an agency tells you to simply fill in a form and they’ll put you on the database, the chances are that you're just wasting your time. So, you need to build a relationship with them so that they will notice you and be willing to help you.

Ask your recruitment consultant how they would like to work with you.
Some want to be called every day to see that you're keen, whilst others only once in a while. However, it's good to contact them fairly and frequently to remind them that you’re keen.

Save yourself time.
Call the agency to enquire what the job is all about before you prepare and send your CV and a cover letter. That can literally save hours and hours of time. Always keep in mind that jobs are sometimes advertised incorrectly.

Get feedbacks.
Call the consultant once you had sent the CV to enquire whether they received it or they think you’d be suitable for the job. Whenever you've been told that you weren't, always ask: “Do you have a minute to give me some feedback on why this role isn't suitable for me?” That will give you some insights into what jobs to apply for in the future.

Beware of cheeky recruitment consultants.
Once you’ve made contact with them, they’ll try to be added as your LinkedIn contact. If you allow them in, they’ll have access to all your contacts and know who is in which position in which company. Needless to say, it might not be you they're interested in anymore.

With few exceptions, the employment agency can become your advocate and represent you.
This relationship starts whenever you apply for a job through an employment agency listing and submit your resume. In most cases, there's no fee for you, as you're the applicant and the employer is the client. Your link is the headhunter or representative who will contact or help you.

Be professional.
In spite of all the bad press they're receiving, remember that recruitment consultants are only doing their job and working for your potential employer. Treat them with respect. Be friendly and professional. At the same time, if you bump into a bad one, consider making a complaint or simply move on.

Be the best on your interview day.
The recruiter is your dress rehearsal for the interview with the employer. Always remember that the recruiter is your gatekeeper. The recruiter's job is to look you over, evaluate how accurately you represented yourself on your resume and report back to the employer. Treat the interview with your recruiter seriously. Dress appropriately, bring a fresh copy of your resume with you, and be prepared for the interview — but also be prepared for interviewing your recruiter. You can ask the recruiter candid questions that you may not want to ask your prospect employer directly. Use this interview to get information and sound out the recruiter about any and all aspects of the job. If you've heard bad things about the management, or if the company has a revolving door reputation, now's your chance to ask these type of questions. Don't pass up the opportunity.

Some of these tips work well and it's all up to you what you'll choose to follow.

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