Your First Day at the Boxing Centre

Your First Day at the Boxing Centre

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In the past, when you wanted to learn to box, even just for recreation or for exercise, your options were only limited to applying for a membership to a boxing gym. Today, as many experts and people recognise how boxing can be an effective form of exercise, even for people without the intention of actually sparring and getting into amateur or professional fights, many fitness centres have begun offering boxing classes.

Stepping inside the boxing gym can be intimidating for anyone. Hearing the tap-tapping on the mitts and the heavy bags, the whirring of jumping ropes, the sound of instructors egging on their students, and the grunting and panting of boxers are more than enough to make the newbie anxious.

If you are keen on learning the sweet science, even just for fitness, here are some helpful tips for your initial weeks inside the gym.

The first thing that you need to do before undergoing any physical activity is to consult your doctor. Your doctor's nod of approval will ensure that you are fit to engage in the different activities in boxing. Take note that boxing can be a demanding activity and should not be taken lightly especially if you are dealing with a few health issues.
What do you need to get started?

Boxing gyms provide numerous tools and equipment for their patrons. These include various punching bags, skipping ropes, gloves and hand wraps.

As such, you only need to invest in your workout clothes and shoes, a good-sized bag that can carry your gym essentials, boxing gloves, and hand wraps.

Many experts advise aspiring pugilists to invest in their own hand wraps and boxing gloves, especially if they are serious about this endeavour. However, during your initial week, you can buy only hand wraps and buy your own pair of boxing gloves at a later time. The reason behind this is you should only buy gloves if you are really keen on learning how to box for a long period of time. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your hard-earned money.

Do note that cheap gloves are only a waste of your money as they pale in comparison to quality gloves. Plus, buying boxing gloves at a later time will allow you to get the input of your boxing coach about which pair to purchase.

During your initial week, your coach will run down the program structure. This will depend on the gym and the coach. However, most programs start with three rounds of warm ups followed by stretching. This may be followed by a few rounds of skipping rope or shadow boxing. Afterwards, your instructor may either put you in front of the speedball, heavy bag, double ended bags or the mitts. You may also perform a few other exercises and drills which develop agility, strength and stamina. Sessions conclude with a cool down and a rub down.

At the end of the session, you may feel too tired. Every boxer undergoes this phase and as you develop your body further for the sport, you will soon overcome this. In order to facilitate recovery, it is essential to put some attention to your diet and get ample rest.
If you have forgotten some of the concepts taught to you inside the gym or if you simply want to supplement your learning, there are numerous resources available online, from videos to forums. Take advantage of these to help you in your progress and improve various aspects of your game.

Consistency is key in various fitness activities and sports, like boxing. The more you train, the sooner you will see improvements, from weight loss to your skill level.

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