Windows and Window Coverings: An economical way to keep the heat in or out

Windows and Window Coverings: An economical way to keep the heat in or out

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Windows and Window Coverings are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to achieve this.

Glazing is the glass part of the window. From different tints to single-, double-. triple- or low-e glazed options, glazing is an ideal way to maximise light while controlling the temperature of your interior. It also minimises glare, blocks UV radiation, reduces energy bills and increases privacy.

Your windows are an investment, a part of your home’s structure that needs to be replaced only once or twice during your lifetime. Every home has them so ensuring you get the best use out of your windows should take time and consideration.

Increasing electricity costs mean smart glass choices have never been more important.

According to Virdian, a supplier of energy-efficient glass options, a typical, adequately insulated building that uses ordinary glass can lose up to 49 per cent of its heat through the windows during winter. Virdian’s general manager of marketing, Lachlan Austin, says, “Heating and cooling is the largest energy user in the average home, accounting for 38 per cent of overall household energy use. It is important that homeowners understand the impact that good design and smart glass choices can have on their energy consumption levels.”

Luxaflex’s tips for choosing shades:

- Make sure the product you choose is saving you energy in the long run.

- The amount of heat received by a window will vary according to orientation and time of year. Products that provide excellent heat and glare control are great for windows that get a lot of sun exposure.

- Darker colours are better for glare control and for maximising daytime views, whereas lighter materials are better for light control and daytime privacy.

- Make the most of the space. A straight-drop awning does not only help you save on cooling costs, it can also be used to enclose a courtyard, patio or balcony, maximising the use of this space year around.

Other Tips:
- Smart glass is single glaze, it can fit into most standard window frames, and while it has the same thickness as ordinary glass, its special durable low-e coating improves its insulation significantly.
- Another option for extra efficiency is window film, which can be applied to any existing glass surface. Retrofit double glazing option is creating an insulating air pocket, trapping a layer of still air pocket between the existing glazing and the retrofit double glazing unit.
- Folding-arm awning is specifically designed to withstand the toughest conditions and decrease the sun’s penetration.


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