Window Dressing Tips to Follow

Window Dressing Tips to Follow

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Take a nondescript room, add some knock-out curtains or blinds and the cracked wall, lived-in furniture and carpet that’s well past its use by date will go unnoticed. To get the maximum impact for the minimum cost, consider the following window dressing tips.

Mount curtains high.
One of the best curtains is in the space between the architrave and cornice, above the window and hanging on the walls on either side. That way, the curtains will not hide any of the windows when they are open. You’re not bringing the room down, but making the most of its height. This is useful to make a bay window look wider so you don’t lose valuable light.

Match walls and curtains.
If you have a low ceiling, keep the curtains to the colour of the walls. A busy pattern draws the eye and clutters the room. You can have a piped trim or tie-back in any colour you want to tone with couches, cushions, rugs or the bedspread. If the trim relates to something else in the room, it looks as if it’s meant to be there.

Cap it off with a pelmet.
If you have heavy side curtains in a dark colour, break it up by adding a gathered heading or a short pelmet above the window. This will link them ideally, so go for a lighter, toning shade and follow it through in piping if you can, or tie-backs, cushion etc.

Uneven is best.
The key to coordination is to relate everything in the room. If you have floral curtains, pick up the floral in, say, a piping or border on the bedspread. Or add a couple of floral cushion and a plain one to match the bedspread.

Three cushions will look better than two parked symmetrically on the bed. Generally, groups in uneven numbers look better in decorating than perfectly balanced arrangements which look contrived.

Lace for simplicity.
Simplicity can be just as effective in a window dressing as heavily draped and gathered styles.
Windows in older houses and period-style new ones look wonderful with a lace panel gathered over the window, tied back to one side, with a roller blind for night-time privacy. This look can be achieved for around $300 a window, or less, depending on the quality of the lace. If the view is spectacular and privacy is not a problem, leave the windows uncovered and let the garden speak for itself.

Add a little of what you fancy.
Buy a small amount of your favourite but expensive fabric and use it to trim something cheaper. You still have the pleasure of looking at it, but not in large quantities. Use it for piping, tie-backs or decorative bows – including those that sit over framed picture – and cushions.

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