Why You Shouldn’t Wear DIY Braces

Why You Shouldn’t Wear DIY Braces

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Youtube can be the perfect teacher when it comes to baking the perfect cupcake or building your own tree house. But when it comes to the medical method of correctly moving your teeth, you should stick with a specialist. The field of orthodontics has been around for many years, but the concept of DIY orthodontics has only become a recent trend.

Homemade Braces
Using tools such as braces to align teeth in adults and adolescents has become more common. However, for most people, the process of straightening teeth isn’t considered cheap and seeing an orthodontist for the process typically requires 1 to 2 years of treatment.

People have been using crafting supplies to secure devices on their teeth, hoping they won’t only move, but also move in a harmless and aesthetically pleasing manner. A famous internet trend has been to place small hair ties or rubber around the teeth to close the gaps. While this may provide a little change for some, it has also become damaging for others.

The rubber bands around the teeth tend to slide and work their way up to the teeth. Once the rubber band slips beneath the gumline, it starts working its way further up to the bone. Under these conditions, you’ll most likely need surgery to lift the gum tissue and remove the rubber band. This has also led to resorption of roots on the teeth and bone damage. So, what starts as an attempt to close the gap ends up being a severe and expensive experience.

Orthodontic Treatment
Altering the position of the teeth is a method that should be handled and addressed by a medical professional. Orthodontic treatment isn’t a "one size fits all" kind of treatment. It's important for you to meet a professional orthodontist to determine your course of medication. While one patient may only be concerned with closing some gap, another patient may need orthodontic treatment to repair a malfunctioning bite relationship.

Regardless of your dental condition, DIY treatment isn't a safe option compared to visiting a specialist when dealing with any kind of medical concern. As with many medical clinics, most orthodontic clinics offer financing options for treatment to make the process more affordable.

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