Why Should You Use Paintable Wallpaper?

Why Should You Use Paintable Wallpaper?

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For many homeowners, deciding on a style for designing their residence can be a major undertaking because it's not something that can be taken lightly.

After all, the way you style your home interiors will have an impact on your satisfaction in living in the property since you'll have to look at that design every single day.

You'll also want a design that would be attractive and impressive to guests who step inside.

And of course, decorating a house can be costly, so you'll want to pick out a design that you will be happy with over the long term so that you won't have to face the costs of redoing the entire design several times over.

If you're looking for a more flexible design option, you may want to take a look at paintable wallpapers. Unlike painting directly on walls, the use of wallpaper creates a temporary, easily changeable design effect—and that convenience is multiplied with the paintable feature.

Paintable Wall Paper

Here are four key reasons why you should use paintable wallpaper for decorating your home:

This kind of wallpaper is thicker, so it can withstand any painted design and can be fixed onto walls more easily. You might think that paintable wallpapers will turn mushy or will detach from its binding when you attempt to paint on them, but the truth is the opposite. Paintable wallpapers are made to be sturdy yet easy to work with—you can simply use rollers to paint over the wallpaper in the colours you choose to create your desired visual effect.

It lets homeowners hide or transform slightly damaged areas on their walls without the major costs or disruptions. When one section of your painted wall becomes discoloured, stained, or damaged in any way, you would have to have the entire wall or room painted to ensure that the design remains cohesive. With paintable wallpapers, you only need to replace the damaged section.

If you're a renter, you can have better control of your space's design without the hassle. People who rent apartments or houses often have little or no say in the design of the space because they lack ownership and should be considerate of future tenants using the space. However, paintable wallpaper allows renters to design their space without worry; the wallpaper is easily removable without damaging the walls, so you can change up your design whenever you desire a transformation.

Textured wallpaper adds another dimension to wall design that cannot be achieved by paint alone. Anaglypta wallpapers, for example, are thick and heavy paintable wallpapers that are printed with raised designs. This embossed nature helps bring out a unique textured look in your space when you paint over the often ornate prints. The best way to create a powerful design statement with this paintable wallpaper is to use layers of colour; you paint the paper with your base colour and then use a brush or sponge to lightly apply a highlighting colour over the embossed design.

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