Why Roller Shutter Doors Are Better Than Standard Doors

Why Roller Shutter Doors Are Better Than Standard Doors

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In the past, people debated between sticking with more attractive standard doors or installing rolling gates. At that time, roller doors used to be typically ugly and industrial looking. But today, you just can’t ignore roller doors because they can provide protection. If you want maximum protection for your storefront and peace of mind during and after the usual working hours, roller shutter doors will provide you all of that.

Rolling shutter doors have the number one advantage when it comes to security. They offer an affordable way and extra security to protect storage spaces, factories, and warehouses. They’re flimsy but still have the strength, and come in motorised and manual varieties. For businesses that need higher levels of security, there are some doors that are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to breach a door and how long it will take a criminal to break through with additional security ratings such as LPS 1175 and STS 202?

Rolling shutter doors have another advantage when it comes to the insulation they provide. If your warehouse or factory has large loading bays or entrances, intercepting heat loss is extra important. Every piece of insulation can help your company save money.

Isolated roller doors feature shutter laths that are filled with lightweight but very efficient isolated materials. This isolation also creates a sound barrier and helps control the breeze.

Fire Blockage
Some industries, such as hospitals and schools require fire rated doors. A fire rated security shutter can be used to make secure compartments within buildings to keep the fire from spreading. This separation will also help buy time and ensure that everyone escapes the building safely. Fire doors can resist temperatures of up to 1200°C. It can also be internal or external. These doors are usually linked to a security system so that they can be controlled from a central point.

Fire rated doors give you peace of mind and can increase the safety of your employees and customers. And additionally, you may also be able to save money on your insurance.

You don’t have to change the look of your property just to achieve the benefits and advantages of security, insulation, and protection. Wood effect shutters with mahogany, oak, cherry and many other finishes can provide your property a beautiful and pleasant look.

Perforated shutter doors are for you if you want your customers to see your window displays after hours. These provide and ensure security without completely shutting off the interior. Perforated shutter doors also let the patrolling security officers to tell at a glance that your store is safe and secure.

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