Why Choose Herbal Medicine

Why Choose Herbal Medicine

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The use of herbal medicines can be traced from as early as 1700 B.C. from Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Indians and Chinese. Today, many cultures and people still use herbs for healing and for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Even some of the established Western institutions today are recommending and confirming the effectiveness of herbal medicine.

Ayurveda, which also means “the science of life,” is one of the famous herbal medicinal systems practiced in India. It works as a system composed of different elements, including herbs and plants, to bring back the balance in the body, promote a healthy well-being, and cure pain and illness.

Traditional Chinese medicine is also a dominant influence in the use of herbs for therapeutic purposes. Chinese healers believe that the human body is connected to the environment, and so with the plants and trees. So if you are suffering from illnesses, it means that there are imbalances in the system composed of the body, the plants around you and the entire ecosystem.

Below are some of the popular benefits and advantages of choosing herbal medicines:

1. The use of herbal medicine is part of an overall nature-oriented lifestyle. When you go to a herbal medicine practitioner, he or she will not only give you a prescription, but also recommendations on your diet and lifestyle. When you practice herbal treatment, you’re not just treating the disease, but also boosting your overall health and immunity.

2. Herbal medicines can be used in different ways. Modern technology has made it more easy and convenient to commit to your dosage and prescriptions. Some people prefer to take it as a tablet, while other would prefer to take it as a drink; you can talk to your herbal pharmacist or supplier about the various options available to you.

3. Herbal medicines pose minimal to zero side effects.

4. Herbal medicines are easily available. It can be brought from most major drugstores, from reputable online shops or can be handpicked from your own backyard.

For herbal medicines to be totally effective, you must do your part also.

1. Do some research first. For example, you might find advertisements of herbal medicines on TV. Check the manufacturer and laboratory of the herbal medicine. There are a lot of bogus companies and manufacturers out there that cannot deliver the claims they make. So trust only reputable brands and sellers.

2. Know yourself. Review your medical history. Check if you have allergies. Take note that herbal medicines are from plants, and some allergens are from plants as well.

3. Make a visit to a practitioner for a diagnosis. Even if herbs seem harmless, remember to never medicate on your own, so you can avoid complications and experience the best results.


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