Which Are the Best Concert Arena Seats

Which Are the Best Concert Arena Seats

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No matter how many times you watch your favourite musical act's live concert on DVD or YouTube, those will almost always pale in comparison to actually being in a concert arena to watch them play live.

A live concert is not just a musical experience. Nay. It is a full-sensory experience that engages the senses of hearing and sight. Picture yourself (and your mates) right smack in the middle of a crowd, singing and dancing in unison as your favourite tunes are played. All the while, the backup dancers are synchronised in movement while the lights flicker and play in time to other visual elements.

And now that your beloved singer or band is finally making a stop at your city, perhaps after a long hiatus, you cannot wait to buy tickets for the concert. But which seats are the best ones?

When you are looking at the available seats for a concert, you will immediately notice the difference in prices for different seats in the venue. The crucial thing to remember is that where your seats are will greatly affect your concert-going experience. Some music fans are drawn to the front, close to the stage, thinking that they will have a good view of the performers. That is not necessarily always the case.

Usually, the seats that are located to the side of the stage are the cheapest because there is always the possibility that your view will be blocked, at least partially. However, these seats are not always the worst. Consider buying seats located at the side of the stage if (a) you are going to a rock concert where you will hear the music loud and clear, or (b) you are on a tight budget and you are more after the whole experience of watching your fave act play live.

Upper level seats are bit pricier than seats located at the stage. However, these seats can offer a better view of the stage, including the large screens used by some bands and artists.

Lower level mezzanine seats have a mid-range price and are located closer to the stage. On top of that, you can have a better view of the performers without even relying on the large screen.

If you have some serious cash to spare, some of the best seats to get are floor seats. One main advantage of these seats is that you can clearly see the performers.

If money is no issue, the best seats in the house are orchestra seats. These seats are usually reserved for the orchestra that typically plays for ballet performances. With these seats, you are practically immersed in all the happenings on stage. Their main drawback is that you cannot fully see the stage set because of your proximity.


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