When Do You Need the Root Canal Procedure?

When Do You Need the Root Canal Procedure?

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Your root may be damaged or diseased and need to be treated. Several different dental problems can trigger tooth pain, but one commonly overlooked cause of discomfort is tooth decay and tooth infection.

In this case, a root canal procedure may be done to save your tooth before an extraction is needed. While the procedure might have a bad reputation, it may be the only solution to long-term pain relief.

Some patients never show a sign of needing endodontics, which is why visiting your dentist twice every year is advised. In this way, they can take preventive measures to catch the problem(s). However, if you're experiencing one or more of these symptoms, maybe it's time for a root canal procedure.

Too sensitive?
When you're eating ice cream or drinking a cup of hot coffee, do you feel any discomfort or tooth pain? Some discomfort after eating or drinking hot or cold can be normal, but if it lasts for long period of time afterwards, then that’s a sign.

Can't sleep?
Are you having difficulty in sleeping at night because of discomfort and pain felt from your teeth? Painkillers may get you through the night, but consider making an appointment with your dentist before it gets worst.

Does the pain come only in just one tooth?
Is that tooth sensitive to touch or have a difficulty in chewing? That tooth should be examined thoroughly by your dentist.

Do your gums have bumps?
Have you seen pimple-like bumps beside your gums where it hurts the most? This can cause discomfort and even discharge blood or pus when touched.

Is the pain spreading?
If the pain begins to feel as if your ears, jaw or another part of your mouth is in pain too, this might be severe and need to be treated.

What type of dentist should you talk to?
There are two types of dentists who can perform your treatment. First are endodontists, who specialise in treating the inside of the tooth. They have taken additional courses and training and are specifically trained on root canals. The other ones are your general dentists, who can also perform root canal procedure. Most general dentists can do the procedure without complication. Also, if you have a severe case, your dentists will recommend that you seek a specialist.

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