What You Need to Know When Choosing Your Shower

What You Need to Know When Choosing Your Shower

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How do you choose a shower you’ll enjoy every day? These essential tips will surely help you.

Whose shower?
A great way to start is by thinking about who will use your shower. Just adults, or kids as well? Will you need to adjust the height for each individual? Some of us like the feeling of being soaked from an overhead shower, while others like the focused spray of a hand shower. Think about your preferences and talk to others in your household.

Which kind?
- Wall shower is simple yet effective. Wall showers on movable arms allow you to steer the spray angle to suit your preference.
Hand shower is perfect for kids and can be angled to suit different heights. A hand on a hose means mum and dad can help the little ones. It’s also ideal for cleaning. Upgrading to a hand shower is simple as screwing off the old wall shower and screwing on the new hand shower.
- Rail shower provides all the benefits of a hand shower on a user-friendly, height adjustable rail for ultimate control and style.
- Overhead drencher is the perfect blend of a functionality and contemporary design. The overhead drencher gives you the feeling of rain falling from the heavens.
- Twin shower is a rail shower and overhead drencher in one, which means you can customise your shower experience.

What type of spray?
Wide or narrow? Hard, soft or somewhere in between? There are an array of shower spray patterns available. Or if you’re looking for a variety, many showers have more than one spray setting, which you can change at the push of a button.


Change is easy.
Upgrading your shower doesn’t always need extensive skills or tools. There are many DIY options available. If you’re renovating, remember there’s no need to stick with your old shower. Replacing it with a hand or rail shower type is often a simple matter of screwing off the old and the new.

Make cleaning simple.
By selecting either a hand or rail shower, you can keep the shower recess, tile and walls clean and enjoy the flexibility of having a shower on a hose.

One shower, many options.
Do the people in your household like to shower differently? Talk to bathroom specialists and they can recommend the perfect one that will suit you and your family.

Consider shopping at Australia’s leading bathroom brand Caroma, which offers a wide range of showers you can choose from.


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