What You need To know about Tummy Tuck

What You need To know about Tummy Tuck

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As a Surgical procedure, the tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is an extremely common procedure for men and women battling with excess stretching of the skin that extreme weight gain and then sudden loss can cause. Despite all the diet and exercise in the world, there are some circumstances where this procedure is simply a necessity. During the procedure, the muscle can be retightened and redundant skin removed, leaving a much flatter midsection. Some Patients may even combine some form of liposuction at the same time to assist with trimming down and reshaping their tummy and overall midsection.

The Procedure
Tummy tucks are most commonly performed under a general anaesthetic and require a one-to two-night stay in hospital. The procedure takes about two hours in total and requires about two weeks to heal sufficiently to allow the resumption of most normal activities. Total recovery, allowing for vigorous exercise, can take a number of months.

During the course of the procedure, the surgeon will cut away excess loose skin and fatty tissue with an incision, which usually extends from hip to hip. Don’t panic -- this scar is hidden within a normal bikini line and will fade in time. it can also be improved with specific laser treatments after it has completely healed. One of the key additional benefits to this procedure is the entire abdominal wall can be tightened to assist with achieving a firmer, flatter result. often this is achieved with the use of permanent sutures.

When selecting a surgeon to perform this procedure, seek out a fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. A plastic surgeon is easily distinguished from other medical professionals by the following letters after their name: FRACS (plastic).


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