What to Look for in a Recruitment Agency

What to Look for in a Recruitment Agency

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It can be a challenge to find the right people to fill important positions in your company. And with each day that passes that the said position remains vacant, your business could be losing out on valuable time, productivity and profitability.

It doesn't help either if your in-house human resources team is trying its best to match the right people to the right jobs, only to end up realising the incompatibility down the line and the amount of time, effort, and resources wasted on hiring, training, and making arrangements for employees who end up leaving after just a short while.

What your company requires are the services of a top-of-the-line recruitment agency. But not all such agencies are created equal — you'll want to hire one that observes ethical professional practices, is long established in its field, and is highly skilled and efficient in attracting the most qualified job seekers for the appropriate positions.

How can you be sure you'll be able to choose the right recruitment service providers for your specific needs? Here are the essential qualities you should look for:

Locally owned
If you're set on hiring someone in the very location that your business currently occupies, a recruitment agency operating from the same area will have extensive local knowledge that can work to your advantage. Aside from this, local agencies will also have the distinct edge should you need to place applicants in different capital cities, major regions, or even remote parts of Australia because, quite simply, the agency is rooted in Australian soil.

Utilises exemplary recruitment methodologies and strategies
You can gauge a recruitment agency's dedication to delivering top-notch results by the length of time it has been in operation, all the while employing the most effective hiring methods and the recommendation of previous and current satisfied clients.

Longevity in the business
An agency that has been around for 20, 30 or more years is sure to have cemented its reputation as a reputable and reliable recruitment services provider that's worthy of your consideration. With this longevity comes a higher level of experience and expertise.

Expertise in placing applicants in various fields
Whether you need a job applicant for a position in the private sector, government or public sector, or the not-for-profit niche, the agency you hire must be renowned for its skill in matching the right people to specific industries. In-depth industry knowledge is a must.

Offers assurance of replacement
While hardly any recruitment agency will profess to provide less-than-satisfactory service to their clients, it's always a good sign when the agency makes an offer to find a more suitable replacement to a candidate should the previous one be deemed incompatible with the position within a three-month period.

Owner-operator business
When there's no stakeholder, external investor or parent company involved, you can be more assured of having all your recruitment needs treated as a priority instead of getting lost within the system.

Offers post-placement services
A good agency's service shouldn't end once the candidate has been assigned to the position. Look for an agency that continues to deliver follow-up services as a key performance indicator. This level of support will prove to be beneficial to you as you manage your new hires.

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