What To Look For In A Good Nail Salon

What To Look For In A Good Nail Salon

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Nail salons and nightmares should never ever go together. From other customers talking loudly on their mobile phones to manicurists yelling to “pick a colour already,” you never want your nail salon experience to feel as stressful as a bad day at work.

It is your right as a paying customer to feel relaxed and get good service at a nail salon. Indeed, even in the most popular nail establishment, you should always feel welcome and valued.

Here are some of the things you should look for in a good nail salon.

  • The salon has a good reputation.

Online and offline, you’ve heard only good things about the nail salon — from reviews of customers to personal recommendations from friends or family. The works of the salon’s nail technicians are also evident from the divine nails (and toes) of clients.

  • The nail technicians are friendly and professional.

Yes, at some point you will want to talk to your nail technician. And yes, you will want a technician who is friendly. But you do not want to feel compelled to talk to your nail technician if you just want to sit and relax while getting your nails cleaned.

You should talk to your nail technician if you have specific instructions. But constant chatting may distract your technician as well as diminish the relaxing effect of a nail treatment.

  • The nail salon has a thorough, disinfecting procedure for its tools.

It’s the worst thing that could happen to you: getting an infection in a nail salon. So don’t feel shy about asking how the nail salon disinfects its tools. And if you observe any technician bringing tools that have not come out of the sterilizer, walk away.

  • A wide variety of nail services.

You don’t just have to get your nails painted or cleaned when you come in for a treatment. The best nail salons will offer a massage alongside nail services, so you can truly relax. Some of the more creative salons also provide trendy nail art, and can do embellishments.

  • A comfortable and appealing interior space.

Finally, you come to any salon and you expect to feel good. That is bound to happen in a comfortable and appealing interior space, with great lighting and great furniture. The nail salon should also look organised, with tools and products in place, even when it gets busy. And it should, naturally look clean, and smell even better.


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