What To Look For From Your Hardware Store

What To Look For From Your Hardware Store

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Mac products are brilliant. They look wonderful and they function well. Except maybe for the blasted cables, which easily get frayed or damaged when repeatedly bent in the same spot. The fraying happens fast sometimes that you find yourself buying new earphones or adapters.

But anyone who has ever wandered around a hardware store knows that you can fix that problem straightaway with a thing called Sugru – a mouldable glue you can stick on and turn into rubber. And you can use it to fix strained cables.

Great, huh? The hardware store you now know today isn’t like the hardware store you’re granddad used to frequent. There is more to this utilitarian shop than the usual tools and materials for building and fixing things. From super glues and glow in the dark duct tape to spray paint chalkboards and magnetic paint (yes, it does turn any surface into magnet-heaven, like your fridge!), the right hardware store can make life cooler and more convenient.

But first, you need to find the right one. Here are some ideas.

Online or Brick and Mortar?
Consider your options for online hardware stores but don’t count out the brick and mortar shops. You can also try brick and mortar hardware stores that have online services. An online service is ideal when you have very little time to run out and pick up what you need while a brick and mortar store works if you like to have a look around and hold the product in your hands.

Neat Stores
Some of the older hardware stores might look stuffy, and worst, disorganized. You do not want to walk into a store and get confused about where you can get anti-slip sprays or door knobs.

A good hardware store doesn’t just have clean floors but also have neatly arranged shelves and marked aisles. While it’s sometimes fun to walk around a hardware store with all the goods you need, it’s an entirely different thing to wander around for hours trying to find what you need.

Customer-centric Store
The best hardware stores give you more than every tool, every material you will ever need. They will also have employees more than willing to help out. When you walk into a hardware store and are clueless abut specific tools, you want to know you’ll get proper help from the sales staff.

You’ll want knowledgeable employees who are enthusiastic about helping you buy the right product. They will not simply point you in the right aisle but come with you to make sure you find what you need. A bad hardware store will have employees who will look at you funny when you ask where to find the turf fertilisers, and then tell you to go find it yourself.


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