What to do When Your Garage Door is Noisy

What to do When Your Garage Door is Noisy

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Automatic garage doors are a complicated piece of machinery, so if your garage door is noisy, there are different factors you should consider. You must know that if your garage door is too noisy, the problem isn’t just the opener itself — it might be the whole system.

Moisturise metal parts.
Don’t forget that the metal parts of your garage door must be lubricated or moisturised always. Hinges, springs, rollers and tracks can make a loud screeching noise if not properly moisturised or lubricated. You can use a lubricant such as motor oil and apply it using an oil can. Avoid getting the oil on the nylon part of the roller, make sure to wipe off excess oil with an old rag and that it’s dry. Examining the metal parts on your garage door can seriously reduce the noise.

Secure the nuts and bolts.
Your garage door is composed of hundreds of different fasteners, nuts, bolts and screws. Daily use of your door can cause any one of them to loose, and that’s one cause for them to get noisy. When trying to identify a loud garage door, inspect and strengthen all of the hardware. A loose screw can be easy to fix to your load and distributive garage door.

Examine the rollers.
The roller system is one of the main reasons for having a screeching garage door. Standard garage doors commonly have 5 to 6 metal or nylon rollers on each side of the tracks. When checking rollers, they should roll and not slide when working. If the rollers appear to be damaged or worn, they will need to be replaced.

Examine the tracks.
Garage door tracks sometimes collect dirt and debris and can be causing your garage door to get louder than it’s normal noise. Check the track and remove any debris and objects that can get caught on the rollers.

Check the garage door opener.
If you have already checked and lubricated your garage door and the noise is still there, the problem might be with your garage door opener. The old garage door motor can be the cause of your noisy door, so it might need to be replaced by a professional.

Once you have identified the cause, look for a professional that will help you solve the problem. Let the garage door experts in Australia do the job for you.


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