What to Do Before the Emergency Plumber Arrives

What to Do Before the Emergency Plumber Arrives

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Plumbing emergencies often happen when you least expect them to. More often than not, these situations will catch you by surprise. However, this is not the time to stand helplessly or feel sorry for yourself. If you are not capable of resolving the problem at hand and it cannot wait until the morning, your best option would be to call in an emergency plumber.

However, even if you have found an emergency plumber to come over to your home, it does not mean that your woes are finally resolved. Until the plumber arrives and takes the necessary actions, you are not yet in the clear.

In order to ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible, thus minimising the damage on your property and the hassle on your part, there are a few things that you may want to do before the professional plumber arrives.

Turn off the mains
In most plumbing emergencies, the first thing that you need to do is to shut off the water supply. This will ensure that there will be no more additional water that will flood the affected area in your home.

Try your best to clear the area
In emergencies like burst pipes or overflowing sinks and toilets, the next thing that you need to do after turning off the mains is to try to clear as much water and debris from the area. This will prevent further damage to property and it will enable the plumber to work more quickly.

Also, you may want to move furniture and other possessions away from the area. This will prevent unnecessary damage to these. Sometimes, unsanitary material can be found in and around the area which can pose unnecessary health risks without the plumber intending it to.

Make the work area accessible to the plumber
Before the plumber arrives, make sure that you clear unnecessary clutter from the area which can be damaged or which can hamper his movements while working in the problem area.

If you have pets or kids at home, make sure that they stay away from the work area and do not distract the plumber. Let your kids play and stay in another room and put your pets in a cage or in a locked room with supervision.

If you have an insurance policy, you would want to take as many pictures as you can of the plumbing emergency. Make sure to jot down the important details, including the date and time, as well.


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