What to Consider When Selecting a Sports Club for Your Child to Join

What to Consider When Selecting a Sports Club for Your Child to Join

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Sports have a special place in the hearts of Australians. There's no question that engaging in games and sports helps improve a person's overall physical, psychological and emotional health. Even being a spectator is a much beloved activity — there's nothing like spending time with your friends and family at home or in a stadium, surrounded by good eats, and rooting for your favourite professional team as they take on the competition.

Whether you're playing or watching from the stands (or from the TV in your living room), sports belong to millions of Australians' list of treasured pastimes.

Having said that, many parents are eager to introduce their children early to the various games and sports and help cultivate their passion and skill for any particular one. In this regard, there are plenty of venues across the country that can help parents nurture a love for physical activity in their young ones; when a child joins a sports club in his location, he finds plenty of opportunities to maintain physical fitness, have fun, and make new friends.

Of course, you wouldn't want you child to participate in the sporting activities of just any available club or organisation. It's best to make a careful study of a few sports clubs so you can determine which would provide the best experiences for your kid.

Here are some of the key considerations you need to be aware of:

A safe, welcoming environment.
A sports club that warmly accommodates people of different ages, races, backgrounds and abilities is a good sign — it demonstrates the club's commitment to core principles, like fostering a passion for sports and building a productive, harmonious community. Also, check if the club stages an orientation day that would help both parents and children learn more about what to expect.

Age-appropriate and interesting activities.
You'll want to sign your child up for a sports club that offers activities that are well-suited for his age and the range of his physical abilities and skill level. The club should have modified equipment available for children who may not be able to accomplish some of the more advanced activities. A good club would also provide a wide range of activities, assemble children into a variety of group sizes, and encourage them to participate in both leader- and self-directed endeavors.

Reasonable schedules and locations.
The sports club you pick should have activities that their members can head over to before or after school without needing to rush. It's also great if both indoor and outdoor locations used can be easily accessed by a child on foot or through commute. It's another good sign if the club organises competitions in nearby venues that you can easily take your child to.

Participation, skill development and enjoyment.
The club's coaches should be able to teach new valuable skills, help players hone their abilities, incorporate social interactions into the sporting activities, and provide customised instruction for members with disabilities.

Price range.
Lastly, pick a sports club that will comfortably fit your budget. Ask about sign on fees, uniform fees, game fees, and any equipment that must be purchased. If there are flexible payment plans or special promotions offered, those would also be a big plus.


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