What Is the Cost of Toilet Installation?

What Is the Cost of Toilet Installation?

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Toilet replacement – why do property owners go for it? In some cases, their toilets have seen better days and the cost of repairing these is substantially larger compared to purchasing and installing a new one. Some simply upgrade their toilets for a more efficient one. And there are others who need a new toilet to match their remodelled bathroom.

Whatever your reason may be for toilet replacement or toilet installation, there are a few crucial factors which affect the cost. Knowing these will help you plan your budget accordingly.

Toilet type
Your choice of which toilet to install in your bathroom will dictate the overall cost of the project. There are plenty of choices available for you but broadly speaking, toilets can be classified as either round or elongated toilet bowls.

Round toilet bowls are the less expensive of the two and are ideal for small bathrooms and households with children. Elongated toilet bowls, on the other hand, take up a larger amount of space and are more expensive. However, in terms of comfort and aesthetics, these toilets are deemed to be better.

Apart from the toilet bowl, you may also want to add to your budget the cost of toilet seats which are available in different materials including cushioned vinyl, plastic, wood and moulded wood composite.

Another factor which can affect the cost of toilet installation is the efficiency of the flushing mechanism.

Here, you have two basic systems to choose from: the gravity-flush system and the pressure-assisted system. These are among the most popular systems used in many households. Apart from these two, you may also want to consider dual-flush and no-flush or waterless systems.

Toilets can either be one- or two-piece systems. Two-piece toilets are comprised of a bowl and a tank which are bolted together during installation. This type of toilet is generally less expensive but can be difficult to clean. A one-piece toilet, on the other hand, has a tank and bowl molded together to give it a sleeker appearance.

Today, it is relatively easier to compare available options. Before settling for a particular model from a brand, be sure to read up on reviews and blog posts from reputable niche sites.

The price that you have to pay for the installation of your new toilet can go up or down depending on a few factors. Expect to pay more if the contractor finds unexpected leaks, poor caulking, cracked flanges and other problems which could complicate the installation, like reconfiguring plumbing lines.

How much should you expect?
In Australia, new toilets can range in price between $150 and $750. Do take note that you can buy a quality toilet within the middle range of $275 and $450.

On average, plumbers charge $55 per hour. A simple toilet installation can cost anywhere between $150 and $250. If you are planning to have a wall hung or hidden cistern toilet, expect to pay a lot more.

In order to keep costs down, you may also want to check whether there are available rebates for the replacement of old toilets for more water-efficient ones in your area.

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