What Are You Planning to Pay for Your New Garage Door?

What Are You Planning to Pay for Your New Garage Door?

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The cost of a garage door depends on the door type, size and special features. Is it a panel lift (or tilt) garage door, a roller door, or something completely customised? Will it be a manual operation or an automatic door? Do you want to replace a garage door or create a whole new look for your home? What material will complement your home design: timber, steel or some modern, new alternative?

Get to know price ranges of garage doors before you start getting quotes from garage door suppliers or installers.

Garage Door Types
Roller doors are the most commonly installed garage doors in Australia –now in their 60th year. They are good value, standard or custom sizes and easy to install.
Tilt doors were the grand-daddy of overhead garage doors, lifting up to align with the garage roof, either hinged or solid. In 1956 roller doors arrived. Today a tilt door costs about as much as a roller door.
Sectional (panel-glide) overhead doors are modern panels segmented and joined to fold quietly and space efficiently as the door is opened.
Custom garage doors – Increasingly popular (but often expensive), an architect or specifier has the ‘right eye’ to recommend a totally bespoke garage door for your home. Experienced garage door dealers can advise you on design trends in wood, steel, aluminium or innovative materials like copper, acrylic, or plastics with windows in tempered or insulated glass or shatter resistant Lexan®.


Unless you’re buying ‘off the shelf’, most doors have options for different styles –as in colours, veneers, and finishes. Discuss the most suitable materials with a garage door supplier, especially to find out which choice offers the greatest flexibility for design features like windows or your best option for locks and security features. Sometimes a custom made garage door is the only way to get the best of all worlds.

Cost Factors
Cost factors include the type of door you’ll choose, the materials it's made from, the size and style of the garage door and whether you DIY installation or hire a professional installer.

garage door cost

garage door cost 2

Remote Garage Door Openers extra
Plan to budget at least an additional $1,000+ for Automatic (or Remote) Garage Door Openers. A keychain remote can start under $100; roller door motors range from $290 to $700; and panel-glide door motors are mostly in the $300 - $400 range. All installations extra.

Here’s what to consider when buying an automatic garage door opener for any type of garage door. It’s wise to do cost comparisons and speak to professional installers for the best advice.

Professional standards by the AGDA
The Australian Garage Door Association (AGDA) advocates and upholds professional standards in the production and installation of garage doors. If you want to check the quality of a garage door you’re planning to buy, see if it’s made or sold by an AGDA member.

What will you spend on your garage door? It’s up to you
Got the picture? To see how much a particular garage door costs, you can ask the garage door experts in Australia today.


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