What are the Most In-Demand Pet Grooming Services?

What are the Most In-Demand Pet Grooming Services?

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Part of keeping your pet dogs and cats happy and healthy is keeping them well-groomed at all times. It's not enough to provide shelter for them, give them fresh water and sufficient food, and play with them so they can get the exercise they need; it's also vital to ensure that they are clean and presentable as much as possible, regardless of whether they are usually kept indoors or are frequently taken out in public amidst other pets and humans.

While some pet owners may choose to perform the grooming tasks on their own (after learning how to do them from vets or from fellow owners with years of experience), it's also advisable to let professional groomers take care of these tasks as well. After all, staff members from established pet grooming salons will have undergone plenty of training and gathered much hands-on experience with handling all kinds of pets, and they also have tools and equipment that you won't have at home.

After a visit to a professional pet groomer, your beloved dog and cat can come home looking and feeling better (and even smelling better, too!). It would be a nice treat for your pooch or feline friend.

So what are the pet grooming services that are high up on many pet owners' lists? Provided below is a brief look into the more popular grooming services that owners choose for their pets:

Your dog's or cat's fur can get dirty and grimy after a few days or weeks, especially if they're particularly active outdoors. For long-haired breeds, matting is also an issue, so brushing is essential to get all the grit and tangles out.

A bath is always the best way to eliminate dirt and residue from a pet's hair and skin. Professional groomers typically offer a wide range of shampoo products to suit your pet's specific coat and skin type. Pets with special needs, such as sensitive skin, may need to use medicated or hypoallergenic shampoos.

Blow dry
After bathing, dogs and cats are dried using chamois to soak up excess water. Afterwards, towel drying is done to help separate the coat, and then blow drying comes next to ensure that the fur is completely dry.

Trimming and styling
Different cats and dogs will have different trimming and styling requirements, and it's best to get a professional to provide the right cut and style for your pet's comfort and aesthetic appeal. And if you're a frequent customer, your groomer will keep a record of the clipping requirements for your pet for future reference.

Grooming out
After getting the proper coat trim or style, groomers will comb, brush and condition your pet's coat from the nose to the tail so that no tangles or dead hair will remain.

Flea, tick and lice treatments
If your pet is harbouring any of these pests, your groomer can provide a treatment rinse that can help address this problem upon request.

Eye and ear cleaning
Some dogs and cats may have moisture around their eye areas which can stain the surrounding fur; this can be cleaned to remove buildup and prevent or address stains. It's also important to have your pet's ears cleaned to prevent conditions such as yeast infections.

Nail clipping
A professional groomer will know how to keep a dog or cat comfortable while the nails are shortened and filed. They will also check your pet's feet and pads to ensure that they are in great shape and that walking is comfortable for them.

As a final step, your groomer can give your pet a gentle cologne that will leave him or her smelling fresh and clean for up to two weeks. This makes it so much more enjoyable to hug, kiss and cuddle your pet when he or she comes back from the pampering trip to the groomer.

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