What are the benefits of NatHERS to Homeowners?

What are the benefits of NatHERS to Homeowners?

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In recent years, the Australian Government has introduced legislation requiring all new homes, and even new rooms added to existing homes, achieve a Six Star Energy Efficiency Rating. Is this just more red tape for the building and construction industry, or is there an actual benefit to the homeowner? Here are three good reasons to make sure your home achieves a good Energy Efficiency Rating:

You will save money

If your home is Energy Efficient, you will spend less money heating in summer and cooling in winter. You will save money! Electricity and gas connection costs are rising, so spending a little bit more time and money getting your design and construction right can save you money right from your first year of living in your new home or extension.

Your home will be comfy

When your home has lovely shaded areas in summer and no icy draughts in winter, you will be more comfy. Of course, you can always turn on the air-conditioning, but it is not as pleasant as living in a naturally comfortable house that enjoys good ambient temperatures all year round. Kids can run inside and out without being constantly told to shut the doors. Bedrooms can be slept in without that feeling of artificial dryness that air-conditioning can result in. Your home can be enjoyed.

Good for you and good for the environment

Australia has reduced its level of CO2 emissions in recent years due to businesses and individuals making improvements in energy efficiency. An Energy Efficient home design will contribute to this continued reduction. You can live in your comfortably designed home for decades, knowing that you are doing your bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information about NatHERS and to obtain an Energy Rating for your home, consult Frys Energywise today!


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