Weight Loss Principles That Will Help You Stay In Shape

Weight Loss Principles That Will Help You Stay In Shape

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Do you feel like your eating habits make you overweight? If yes, then there’s something wrong about your practices. Here are some practical tips that will help you lose weight successfully and achieve your ideal weight.

Diet is about discipline, not deprivation.
It’s about a change in perspective. Eat fewer calories and cut down the amount of fat you eat to liberate yourself from the discomfort of extra weight that you have been carrying, instead of depriving yourself from certain foods.

Exercise can save your waistline.
Get up early in the morning for your exercise. Three or four times a week, run 8 kilometres (5 miles), or as equivalent alternatives, do stair climbing or the rowing machine, or cycle for an hour. This will help you indulge with food without worrying about your waistline. And instead of using the elevator in your office, why not take the stairs instead?

Losing weight should be intentional.
It’s normal to experience setbacks and periods of feeling defeated. But when you reach 40, 50 or 60 at a healthy weight, it won’t be by accident, because ageing well is not an accident. It will be because you honed your weight management skills when you were still young.

Your behaviour will dictate your success.
If you find that you are constantly regaining the weight you have lost by abusing the same types of foods, either stop buying them or find healthier alternatives.

Your sugar intake should be regulated.
Sugar may not have fat, but it certainly has a lot of calories. On average, sugar makes up about one-third of women’s diets – that’s about 28 kilograms (62 pounds) a year and 151,840 calories. But it’s more than extra calories that thwart weight-loss efforts: sugar also makes you hungrier. It’s digested faster and its calories are stored quickly, so you’ll get hungry again sooner than if you had a high-protein snack.

To get down to the 7 teaspoons of sugar you should be eating a day (rather than the 19 women typically get), try to eliminate or lower your consumption of the five biggest offenders: non-diet soft drinks, baked goods, ice cream, sweetened fruit drinks and sweets. If you have the willpower to cut them out totally, you can save 78,000 calories a year – and lose more than 9 kilograms (20 pounds).

Internalise these principles and practice them consistently. Have a healthy lifestyle. Give yourself a break by visiting the top health and beauty hubs in Australia once in a while.


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