Want Perfect Eyebrows? You Got It (With These Tips)

Want Perfect Eyebrows? You Got It (With These Tips)

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When you were much younger — way before you learned to put on your own makeup — you may have never given your eyebrows a second thought. Sure, they can be hard to miss (and hard not to make fun of) if they're especially bushy or coming pretty close to a monobrow, but otherwise, they're just normal facial features that hardy seem consequential when you're still preoccupied with childhood games and pursuits.

Once you become more self-conscious about your appearance and begin experimenting with makeup to enhance your face, however, you discover that eyebrows actually contribute much to your overall look. When shaped and enhanced right, they can frame your eyes and complement your face well — much like a moustache for the male face.

Of course, shaping and maintaining eyebrows in just the right manner for your particular facial features is crucial — make a mistake, and your look can be completely altered. To ensure that you can confidently flaunt flawless eyebrows every time, here are important eyebrow maintenance and makeup tips you should keep in mind.

To achieve perfect brows, there are two things you can do: Shape them by removing excess or wayward hair or fill them in if they're sparse or too light in their natural colour.

Tweeze them right.
· With an eyebrow pencil, try drawing different shapes on your brows to determine which one looks best for your face.
· Once the best shape is drawn on, pluck all hairs that fall beyond the line. Brush the brows straight up with an old toothbrush. If any hairs appear too long or floppy, trim these short with a small pair of scissors.
· Pluck stray hairs one at a time so you can observe your progress and avoid removing too much, which can create an unnatural look.
· Overstating or exaggerating the shape of the eye can also lead to an unflattering appearance, so avoid this at all costs.
· Remember to make the eyebrows follow the length of the eye, but avoid extending into the temples. Also, the front part of the eyebrow should not drop below the back part. You wouldn't want the eyebrows to look like they're constantly in a frown.
· Make eyebrows too thin, on the other hand, and your face will sport a surprised look.
· The best way to remove excess eyebrow hair is to use tweezers since wax can be difficult to control and shaving could potentially cause you to remove too much hair.

Make makeup work for you.
· The most common way to fill in brows using makeup is to use eyebrow pencils. However, pick one with a light, smooth texture because some pencils can cause the brow hair to mat or can leave a greasy look.
· There are powders and powder eyeshadows that work well with eyebrows. Choose a colour that closely matches your natural eyebrow hair and use a thin liner brush or soft wedge brush to apply. Begin applying the product in the center of the eyebrow, then work toward the brow tip before finally going back to the beginning of the brow.
· Short and light strokes are best when going between the brow hairs, and apply more pressure when defining the underside to produce a stronger colour.
· Coloured brow tints and gels are ideal for thinner eyebrows so a thicker, more natural look can be produced.
· You can also use pencils in combination with a powder for a soft shade with a clear delineation. Gels and powders together, on the other hand, can leave you with a nice, softly shaped brow.

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