Using Wall Tiles in Commercial Facilities

Using Wall Tiles in Commercial Facilities

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In most homes, commercial establishments and public spaces, walls appear to be long stretches of a smooth surface. They serve to separate one room from another or mark off the limits of different spaces. To accentuate their appearance usually requires nothing more than giving it a fresh coat of paint in a colour that the homeowner loves or that the business owner chooses for the company's branding. There's also the option of hanging up framed images, covering it with all kinds of wall art, sticking decals on it, or having a mural drawn or painted onto it.

Most commercial establishments and places of business like offices, however, are more effective in appealing to more customers' and clients' sensibilities because they have an edge in terms of design or decor. A highly attractive business space, after all (whether it's a neighbourhood cafe, an advertising agency, a hotel and spa, a shop selling designer clothing, or a furniture store), can draw more potential customers toward its well-designed and uniquely decorated spaces. And sometimes, all it takes is a different approach to interior design — that humble wall, for instance, need not be just a plain old wall when you can make it a statement wall with the help of wall and feature tiles.

What are they?
Tiles made of ceramic, natural stone and porcelain can jazz up any interior or exterior wall to give an office, a commercial establishment or a business facility a more distinct architectural feel. You can recreate the classic look of European stone walls, or the refreshing resort-feel tones of a tropical island spa, or even the warm red brick walls of vintage Spanish homes with the use of the right natural stone tiles.

Here are a few examples of wall and feature tiles used to liven up commercial and business properties:

Matte porcelain tiles in classic stone colours like grey, black, cream, mocha and white can add a touch of sophistication to an office waiting area or conference room.

Porcelain tiles that display the appearance of timber and wood grain can provide a rustic appeal to accommodations like bed and breakfasts and resorts.

Restaurants and cafes can stay on theme with their selected cuisine with feature tiles. For example, tiles that come in Moroccan-style wallpaper patterns would easily give the place an authentic design sensibility that transports diners to the exotic location.

Some tiles can even recreate the look of cool grey glass tiles or metallic tiles to provide reception areas of clubs with a modern or futuristic vibe.

Real estate firms can make their model units stand out with the use of ledgestone cladding for their exterior walls.

Granite tiles are logical selections for outdoor and swimming areas of water parks and holiday resorts.

Laser pebbles make interesting wall details in spas.

Large format tiles mimicking stone surfaces in both light and warm colours evoke a sense of elegance and authority in offices, behind the head honcho’s desk.


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