Types of Pub or Bar

Types of Pub or Bar

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For those of you who like to hang out in a place like this, Don’t even know that there was a bar or pub its types, Below will show some kind of bar or pub :

#1 Public bar
Bar that serves drinks to the public sale. Bartenders can be directly related to the guests while making drinks.

#2 Service bar
That is located behind the bar adjacent to the kitchen / kitchen, and room service of a hotel, the bartender does not deal directly with guests and bar type is not equipped with bar stools.

#3 Snack bar
The bar only sells great food and soft drinks.

#4 Mini Bar
The bar inside the hotel room where alcohol beverages in the form of small bottles, which are laid out on a table equipped with a small freezer to store other beverages such as beer, soft drinks so guests can take their own.

#5 Pool bar
The bar is in the pool area at the hotel. Sales of the drink is incomplete, limited to beer, soft drinks, juices, cocktails, also provided some kind of snack. For his service bartender assisted by one or two servants. The glass is usually used plastic cups.

#6 Portable bar
Bars are moveable or overhauled as needed. The bar is usually given in the form of counter wheel or a combination of a few tables which are combined and arranged so as to form a counter. Portable bar is typically used for small parties such as cocktail party, garden party and others.

#7 Sanken bar / garden bar
The bar is located on the outside or open all subjects such as: on the home page.

#8 Expresso bar
Bar at sea ports and air. Originally from Italy and sell some drinks here instead placed on the sale of café or ice cream.

#9 Private bar

Found in the homes of the "rich" or those who are. The drink is not as complete as in the bar. Usually limited to the collection of the bar owner. The service is directly handled by the host or the guests themselves.

#10 Lounge bar
The bar is usually found in the hotel where he was broad and elongated. The room is covered and served by the bartender and some waiter. It is suitable for guests who want to relax, listen to music while enjoying a drink.

#11 Bars and restaurants
Usually found in the cities of shape and looks like a restaurant. The bar is located in the corner restaurant is equipped with entertainment such as a band to accompany guests who were eating and drinks.


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