Tree Pruning Methods

Tree Pruning Methods

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Pruning is not only necessary for a yield of fruits but also for long and fruitful tree life. But obviously following proper pruning methods is too much essential for tree health. Instead of replacing a tree after a span of 10 or 20 years proper pruning can secure a long lasting life for the tree and great yield. How fruit plants react to pruning and how pruning work affects the tree, these two factors are significant for the longer life of fruit trees. A pruning cut is nothing but a scar from which the plat heal itself over a period of time, but this pruning cut helps to cultivate growth in the plant, improve lifetime, improve the yield of fruits and furthermore keeps it in great shape. Here we will present the advanced fruit tree pruning techniques as per the latest research output of arborists.

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The collar method

Collar method is a type of direct target pruning in which the branch collar is moved on the main tree stem instead of discharging the whole branch. The branch collar is the base area of a branch where the tissues of the branch and the main tree connect together forming a wrinkled exterior. Pruning the branch from this collar is a widely practised method.

The branch Bark ridge

Pruning the branch from beneath the branch ridge is another trusted pruning technique. Every tree branch got some interior tissues that keep a close bond with the tissues in the tree trunk. When cutting the branch further affecting these tissues, it is called branch bark ridge pruning. Interior tissues of the branch form an elevated ridge in the tree trunk and in this method pruning are done affecting this portion of the tree.

Remove the branch safely

After pruning removing the pruned branch is as significant as following the right pruning method. While removing the branch make sure that it does not affect the tree trunk terribly. After a well-guided cut on the specific target area, eliminate the branch without causing harm to other branches and barks of the tree.

Bad pruning cuts

Pruning cuts that are produced due to missing the specific target area can make the tree suffer and in many cases can prevent growth and can even lead to the death of the tree. Torn and ripped cuts are considered bad pruning cuts that make the tree suffer. It is advisable to get the job done by a licensed arborists to avoid such damages.

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