Travel Essentials - What To Pack For Long Trips

Travel Essentials - What To Pack For Long Trips

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Whether you are driving over to grandma's home with the whole family, travelling with your significant other for a vacation in an exotic beach, or leaving by yourself for a business trip, travelling great distances can sometimes take a turn for the worse. The kids become bored or surly. The flight gets rescheduled. The car blows a tire. In most cases, there is little that you can do but make the best out of a bad situation. However, with ample preparation, you can better handle these mishaps if you pack these travel essentials.

This smart device is a versatile travel essential that you should include in your packing list. Whether you want to play games, read an e-book or connect with friends and relatives on Facebook, a tablet can do these all and more. Remember to make sure that your device is fully charged and don’t forget to bring your charger.

One way to tame your travel expenses is to keep snacks within easy reach. If you are travelling via plane, you may want to stick with foods that are not messy like fruits. If you are travelling on the road with your own car, you can opt for your favourite treats.

Pillows and blankets
Pack these essentials especially if you are travelling with your little ones. These can make your child or even you feel comfier during your long trip.

Paper products
Bring ample supplies of paper towels and toilet paper. They can come in handy in cleaning spills and messes. On top of that, you cannot rely on public restrooms to have ample supplies of tissue.

Wet wipes
Wet wipes can come in handy for a variety of situations like cleaning up messes to refreshing your face before alighting the plane.

First aid kit
Accidents can and do happen when you are travelling. To save you the hassle of finding a drug store, prepare a first aid kit containing medications for headaches, diarrhoea and motion sickness, bandages and anti-bacterial cream.

Sealable plastic bags
Sealable plastic bags are another versatile travel essential that should be on top of your packing list. You can use these to store your toiletries to prevent these from spilling on your belongings. They can also be used to store wet swimsuits and opened food packagings.

The weather can be a fickle mistress and the last thing that you'd want is to get stuck in the middle of torrential rain in a dripping mess. Opt for a compact foldable umbrella.

Music player
Seasoned travellers invest in a quality music player and a decent pair of ear/headphones. An updated playlist of your fave tunes can eliminate the hassle of finding a decent radio station or listening to the hustle and bustle at the airport.


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