Top Things to Look Out for When Choosing an Auto Body Shop

Top Things to Look Out for When Choosing an Auto Body Shop

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No matter how carefully and thoughtfully you drive your vehicle each time you're headed somewhere, there is always the probability that you will meet minor or major accidents that can cause damage to the car (but hopefully, not to the people inside the car).

The weather could have caused the roads to become slippery, or you may have come across a fellow motorist on the road who may have had something alcoholic to drink, or suddenly felt ill or fell asleep while sitting behind the wheel, or may not yet have complete mastery of handling a car.

Whatever the reason may be for a crash into an object or a collision with another vehicle, you know that you need to get your car repaired right away because the longer you wait to have it fixed, the bigger the disruption to your daily routine will be, and quite possibly, the higher the cost of repair will be.

Both new and used cars in Australia come with an owner's manual that provides schedules for servicing and maintenance. But you also have the option of having your car serviced or repaired by independent mechanics as long as the repairs done and the parts used remain consistent with the car manufacturer's standards.

So how do you pick the best auto body shop to work on repairing your vehicle? Here are a few important things to look out for in your search for trustworthy, highly competent car repair professionals.

A high level of workmanship
Whether you collect recommendations from people you know or perform a physical or online search for an auto body shop, make sure that you choose one with a reputation for high quality work. The shop should have only registered apprentices and tradesmen, so be sure to ask to see tradesmen certificates or other proofs of continuing training.

Your car is a significant investment on your part, so it only makes sense to entrust its repair and servicing to professionals with extensive and several years of experience in this area.

A written guarantee
This will clarify the details of the repair and service job to be done on your vehicle and help protect your interests in the event that something does not go as planned. It should contain information like the names of whomever is tasked with setting the repair standards, whomever decides whether a repair has been properly performed and completed, and whomever will re-do the work if you are not satisfied with the initial result.

A promise of convenience
Offering provisions that will make the entire process more convenient for the client is always a good sign of a reputable company. Check if the auto body shop offers tow truck services if you are unable to move the car from one location to another. Also, see if the company is known for providing prompt, efficient and speedy (yet high-quality) services, which is a sure demonstration of the shop's commitment to valuing the customer's time and understanding their needs.

Accessible locations
If your car has been damaged more than once, then it may be smarter to pick an auto body shop that can be found in different locations. This way, next time, you won't have trouble finding your way into their shop, even if you're travelling, and you already have a record of previous jobs they've done on your vehicle, so you can have an easier time finding a mechanic to talk to and arrange the pending repair job with.


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