Top 8 Reasons Why Chocolates Are Good for You

Top 8 Reasons Why Chocolates Are Good for You

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Romance. Indulgence. Decadence. These are some of the words people associate with chocolates. Rarely do people think of these as healthy fare. But as numerous studies indicate, chocolate can be actually considered as a superfood, as it offers numerous health benefits.

What are the benefits of eating chocolate?

Lowers blood pressure
Cocoa beans contain flavanols which help in the production of nitric oxide. In turn, nitric oxide helps dilate the blood vessels. In one study involving 850 participants, it was discovered that chocolate and cocoa products helped lowered blood pressure over the short term.

Improves mental performance
Another study which involved elderly participants discovered that chocolate drinks rich in flavanol can help improve mental performance in just eight weeks.

It's good for your heart
According to a study conducted by researchers at Cambridge University, chocolate can help significantly lower the risks for both heart disease and stroke. These can be attributed to the high concentration of stearic acid in chocolates.

Improves bone health
When people think of improving bone health, they reach out for dairy products. However, you can add white chocolate to your list of food items that are rich in calcium. A 50g bar of chocolate has one sixth of the recommended daily allowance of calcium.

It can help ward off cancer
In one study conducted in Spain, it was discovered that feeding rodents with a diet that has 12 percent cocoa can aid in the prevention of colon cancer. This beneficial effect can be attributed to the strong antioxidant effects of chocolate.

It can help fight PMS
The magnesium content of chocolate can help relieve some of the cramps women typically experience during their periods and help increase their energy levels.

It can help boost energy
A study carried out by researchers from Hull York Medical School reports that participants who were given 45g of 85 percent cocoa chocolate became less fatigued and less anxious compared to those who received placebo chocolate.

But perhaps, most surprisingly of all the studies conducted on chocolate is the one conducted by American researchers which revealed that eating chocolate regularly does not make you fat. Rather, it can help you get slimmer. Although the researchers are still clueless as to the reason behind this, they posit that eating chocolate regularly as a part of a balanced diet is healthier compared to eating large volumes of chocolate on an occasional basis.

Of course, you do not need these reasons to indulge in chocolates. The key to enjoying and reaping these benefits is moderation. And oh, don’t forget to brush your teeth.

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