Top 6 Tips: Choosing Your Beauty Salon

Top 6 Tips: Choosing Your Beauty Salon

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It’s your sanctuary. It’s the only place (aside from your favourite bar) where you come in feeling bad or furious and come out feeling wonderful. But when you step into a beauty salon, you also come out looking wonderful, whereas in a bar, you might look less wonderful, depending on what you had to drink.

For most of you, the beauty salon isn’t just a place where you get your haircut or manicure and pedicure. It can actually serve as kind of your second home, a refuge to go to when your personal life is in a rut or your professional life makes you want to physically hurt someone. So it’s pretty crucial to find the right one.

Here are six tips for choosing your beauty salon.

1. Look for accessibility.
Is the salon located in an ideal area, where you can get to it with your own car or with public transportation? You may want to think about a beauty salon that is near your home or near your office. And factor in the ease and security of the salon’s parking.

2. Consider its reputation.
A great beauty salon might not need to advertise — the clients will sing praises about it, from the quality of service to the skill level of its stylists.

3. Scrutinise the shop itself.
Whether it’s an upscale salon or a neighbourhood salon, a good salon will always look inviting, warm — appealing from the inside and outside. It should look tidy and neat. And you may want to look for a bit of flair in the overall design because, after all, it’s a beauty business so it only makes sense for the shop to look gorgeous, too.

4. Scrutinise the staff.
Once you’re done giving the entire beauty salon a look-see, you’ll want to assess the staff — from the stylists right down to the receptionist. Are they friendly and professional?

5. Pick a salon that offers treatments you’ll need and added services you’ll want.
Some of the more advanced beauty salons offer manicures and pedicures, with cocktails so you can basically spend your happy hour at the place. Other salons consider that you’re a busy woman and have such a crazy schedule so you can get your hair done while your kids enjoy fun activities, or you can drop in at a 24/7 salon.

6. Choose a salon with great stylists.
Finally, no amount of great service and fabulous salon décor can take the place of a talented stylist. From colouring to cutting, you need a stylist who has the skill, knowledge, and creativity to turn your lacklustre locks into your stunning crowning glory.


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