Top 5 Things You Should Look for in a Bowling Club

Top 5 Things You Should Look for in a Bowling Club

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Bowling in Australia is like this: for starters, the ball isn't as big and the games may be played outdoors, on the green. With both games being a far cry from one another, even though they share the same name, the venues will also, naturally, be distinct. And your demands for choosing the ideal venue would then reflect this change.

So here are the five things you should look for when selecting a bowling club.

1. Proximity to other amenities in the city

You may love bowling so much but that doesn’t mean you want to be doing it the entire day. Bowling can get pretty tiring so you want to at least have some other types of activities to break up the physical exertion.

The best bowling clubs would be ideally situated with convenient access to other interesting venues in the area. This could mean going for sports clubs that feature various activities or bowling clubs near restaurants, bars, or even beaches.

2. Variety of facilities in the club

Some bowling clubs feature several function rooms for events along with the usual bar. Other bowling clubs go the extra mile by adding an upscale space so you could watch the races and do a bit of betting with TAB.

Most family-­oriented bowling clubs will have a game room for the kids, including an outdoor playground. Some of the more creative bowling clubs also provide a disco of sorts for the little ones.

3. Quality and diversity of the menu in each restaurant

Food options are essential when you’re bowling, especially when you’re with your family. You'll want your bowling alley to cater to a wide range of taste buds and diets.

4. Membership cost and perks

What will entry cost you with a certain bowling club? What perks are being offered? Some bowling clubs that run accommodations may include free use, if not heavily discounted rates, for the holiday rooms.

5. Welcoming atmosphere and impeccable service

Finally, go with bowling clubs that provide a welcoming and all­inclusive environment. This creates a more comfortable and sociable atmosphere that will let you and your family enjoy the sport better.

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