Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Taps

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Taps

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Taps are an integral part of any bathroom and choosing the right one is quite essential. With all the designs and functionalities of taps these days, making a smart decision can be challenging. Do you go with a cheaper one or something that is multi-functional yet pricey? Here’s a guide that will help you choose the best tap for your specific needs:

1. Functionality

Choosing a multi-functional tap (bath and shower) is a good idea, especially if you are building a new bathroom. If you are redesigning an existing bath, you need to consider whether you are willing to re-install the pipelines to make way for a non-conventional tap. The price is no longer an issue as a three-piece and mixer taps typically cost just the same.

2. Design

When you are shopping for taps, you need to consider the entire bathroom’s style. Choose the ones that will match bath’s overall look. You also need to ensure that the area is in proportion to the basin and won't spill water over the edge. You can ask your contractor for his input on this, as the height of the tap should complement the basin.

3. Quality

The perfect symmetry and flat lines on the edges of the tap are essential, so is the durability of the materials used. Replacing taps is not an easy task, so make sure to check the quality of your chosen product before purchase. Always ask the store attendant for warranty to ensure you won’t have to buy a new one in the next few years.

4. Temperatures

Some taps have a feature to pour different water temperatures. You can opt for mixer taps, where they mix hot and cold water before it comes out. You can also choose separate hot and cold taps, where they have a spout for each water temperature. You have to ensure that the number of spouts you choose complement your needs.

5. Home water system

You also need to consider your home's water system when shopping for a tap. This is important especially if you have a low pressure water flow at home. If the tap isn't suitable with the flow of water in your house, filling up a bath tub will take a lot longer.

Whether you're building a new bathroom or doing a small renovation, it’s better to think carefully about which bathroom taps to install. Always go with trusted tap manufacturers such as Caroma to ensure high quality products. For more bathroom and kitchen tips, check out Caroma’s listing.


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