Top 4 Workout Tips for Beginners

Top 4 Workout Tips for Beginners

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As part of their New Year’s resolution, people often join health clubs and gyms. However, the motivation often wears down as time goes by due to lack of motivation. When starting any fitness program, it’s important to know your goal and your body’s capability to prevent any injuries. In order any untoward incidents when working out, here are a few useful tips for those who just started their fitness routine:

1. Start slow

Jumping right in and working out five straight days a week is never a good idea. Start slow and add more reps and hours gradually. This way, your body can get accustomed to its new routine and will be able to take on more as time goes by. For starters, you can work out one to two days a week for 30 minutes a session. After a few weeks, you can already hit the gym three to four days every week.

2. Warming up is important

Make sure to warm up before you start working out. A set of stretching movements can save you from an exercise-related injury. Apart from this, a good warm up exercise prepares your heart for the upcoming workout, warms and prepares your muscle for lifting and stretching, and also keeps fatigue and stress at bay.

3. Mix it up

It’s recommended to mix several training exercises to work out every muscle group. Move between aerobic, resistance (strength) training, flexibility, and balance to achieve the body that you want.

Also, avoid doing the same exercises every day. You’ll get bored soon enough and you’ll reach a point where you won’t enjoy it anymore. If you like to play basketball or tennis, then do it. People are more likely to stick to something they enjoy doing.

4. Know your body’s capacity

Another mistake beginners should avoid is going for the heaviest weight. If your body is not ready, using a heavy machine or weight will only lead to injury. Start at the lowest weight, and add a little bit more gradually.

It’s also important to give your body time to recover. So, give yourself a day or two to recover before you start working out again. This also helps muscles to build up after a rigorous workout.

Pain and soreness are normal after exercise; do not take pain relievers and allow your body to recover naturally. However, if the pain is too much to bear, it’s best to see a doctor.

Not many are comfortable asking a trainer for help. Trainers are there to help you achieve your goal -- From using machines to the kind of workout you should be doing. So, don’t think twice about asking them for advice. 

The gym is the best place to be when you are trying to get fit. So, use all the privileges you’re entitled to and help yourself achieve that New Year’s resolution you’ve had for years now. Want more fitness tips? Click here.


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