Top 4 Work-Appropriate Nail Polish Colours Based on Your Workplace

Top 4 Work-Appropriate Nail Polish Colours Based on Your Workplace

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Your work requires you to dress appropriately. While, some workplaces allow you to wear whatever you want and give you freedom to show your personal style, many others establish a bit of a dress code for employees.

In a strictly corporate environment, there are certain colours that you can’t wear. This not only limited to wardrobe colours but also nail polish shades. If you are looking for a guide on nail polish colours that are acceptable to wear to work, here are top four colours that you can choose for your office-appropriate nail polish collection:

Nude and Soft
You can never go wrong with soft or nude colours. These colours blend into your skin tone and are barely noticeable. They can also give you the look of healthy nails. Opt for beige or pink to obtain a natural but fresh look for your nails. These groups of colours can be used under a conservative workplace. You can also wear these shades if you are a new employee or still unsure about the type of workplace culture you have in the office. When in doubt, go for soft nude colours.

You have to be in a relatively expressive workplace or industry to wear bright-coloured nail polish. If you want to experiment with livelier shades, you may opt for a softer gradation such as soft purple or soft turquoise that are still in the “bright” spectrum but will appear a bit subtle. But if you work in a conservative office, avoid bright colours as it might just attract your boss’ attention in a not-so-good way.

Red is a universally flattering polish colour. The colour can range from bright to dark, from warm tone or cool tone. Since there is an extensive range of shades to choose from, you can choose reds that will suit your workplace the most. Bear in mind that many conservative workplaces are rather strict and nail polish might not even be allowed. So if you work in this kind of circumstances, leave attention-grabbing red out of your shade wishlist and opt for subtle colours instead.

Almost similar to bright colours, the options are huge. You can opt for deep dark shades, like burgundy, deep red or jet black. For more mellow version, you can try ”softer” palettes such as grey with a hint of beige, purple with a touch of grey or a warm medium green. Shady tones are perfect if you don’t want to go too bold for the occasion but need something interesting to add to your look. Keep in mind that dark colours may not be appropriate in traditional offices.

Regardless of what polish colours you can wear for work, don’t forget to keep your nails healthy and practice regular nail care. Give your nails some time to breathe by wiping off the nail polish when you see them starting to chip, then go polish-free for a week or more.

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