Top 4 Ways to Control Cockroaches

Top 4 Ways to Control Cockroaches

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Cockroaches are one of the most despised pests in our homes, and unfortunately, also among the ones giving us the toughest pest control tasks. It's very hard to fully get rid of cockroaches, and even harder to keep them eliminated, especially if you live in an apartment.

Most of the tips listed below only work as a cockroach control method, helping to keep their number down low. They can't typically eliminate all cockroaches. A combination of approaches, though, can often entirely eliminate your cockroach problem.

Eliminate water and food sources.
This is a well-known piece of advice, and it's useful but limited in effectiveness. Getting rid of large sources of water can reduce the number of cockroaches in your home, but it's unlikely to fully rid your kitchen of cockroaches. Why? Because they don't need a lot of water and food to survive and thrive.

A single particle of food on the floor is a good meal for a cockroach. Not only that, but they’ll also consume things that you don't even think of as food. Grease spots on the pages of your favourite cookbook, for instance, can be a great meal. They’re associated to termite and can nibble on cutting boards, wooden spoons, and other tools that have absorbed foods or skin oils.

Speaking of skin, if all other sources of food are gone, cockroaches will consume your dead skin — sometimes off your face — and eat your eyelashes. They’ll drink tears and sweat from your body while you sleep.

Cleaning up completely and eliminating drips in pipes is a good way to start, but it won't eliminate cockroaches.

Use poison baits.
When cockroaches eat the bait, they won’t die right away, but as they go back to their hideout. As they defecate, other cockroaches tend to eat their faeces and get poisoned, too.

Consider boric acid powder.
It’s one of the most reliable control methods for cockroach infestations. It's very effective if utilised properly, and it works when placed out of sight. The only problem is that it's very hard to use properly.

Prevent cockroach entry.
Just like eliminating water and food, preventing the entry of cockroaches is an impossible task. They can enter your home through tiny holes and cracks that are hidden from a view. Nevertheless, this is a good idea. Seal up all holes, cracks, and entrances that you can find. This might make it tougher for cockroaches to enter, but it's unlikely to keep them entirely.

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