Top 4 Tips to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

Top 4 Tips to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

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Golf can be an overwhelming activity for beginners and veterans alike. One of the beautiful things about golf is the never ending quest for improvement of your scoring.

However, as your confidence is being developed on the course, you’ll notice that your golf scores will also begin to improve. Spend some time making sure that your short game is on point and prepared to complement the rest of your golf game with these helpful tips.

Develop a good strategy.
If you think the pros go out and shoot the scores they do without a specific plan for each hole, you're wrong. Common techniques that are used by professionals during their pre-shot routine is visualisation. Verbalise your shot by imagining what will be your shot’s shape. This mental rehearsal promotes focused, confident decisions – and that leads to good shots. You should know how to manage your mental game.

Plan your strategy according to your ability. Many golfers choose a more aggressive golf course management strategy simply because it sounds like more fun. After all, who doesn’t want to try to drive all of the par five greens in two shots, or drive the green on a short par four? Aggressive shots might be exciting, but they’re rarely the smart play.

Refine your golf swing.
Most golfers think a pre-shot routine just involves taking a practice swing, aiming at your target and then swinging, but it has a bigger purpose: to prepare a golfer to hit a shot successfully. This demands both mental and physical routine.

As you learn how to develop the mental routine, rehearse the swing you’re planning to make. The problem many golfers suffer from is that they get mad after a poor shot but don't learn from it. This makes it more likely that the poor shot will be repeated. By taking a practice swing after a poor shot, you'll forget about the shot and shift your focus to the next one.

Learn from watching golf on TV.
As you watch, imagine hitting the same shots pros do. You might not be able to hit it as far or as consistently as they do, but you have to get up and down to salvage a par to beat your buddy. If you focus on a few key areas, watching the best in the world can benefit your game. You can observe, watch their routine and study how pros play around the green.

Join a tournament.
This can just be a way to push yourself to get better. Play in a tournament or two, even if you aren’t as good as your competitors and don’t stand a chance of winning. Tournament experience can quickly show you what areas of your game are holding you back, and which ones can hold you up under pressure. Once the tournaments are over, look back and see where you need to improve to score better.

You can always push yourself further in the golf game by taking on new and exciting challenges. Get out of your comfort zone by playing with new golfers whom you’ve never played with before. It’s a great way to take your game to a higher level and even meet new people that share your passion for golf.

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