Top 4 Tips to Prepare Kids for Getting Braces

Top 4 Tips to Prepare Kids for Getting Braces

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If kids are about to start orthodontic treatment, chances are they'll have tonnes of questions. Will they still be able to eat their favourite foods? Will they hurt? What will braces feel like? What will their friends say?

It's essential that both you and your kid go into the treatment journey calm and ready. Here are four tips to help you prepare kids for getting braces and put them at ease about the whole process.

Explain the treatment options with your kid.
There are many options out there when it comes to orthodontic treatment, but it's best to ask your orthodontist the most suitable treatment options and plan for your kid. Most of the time, metal braces are the best option for teens and children. Aside from being safe, they’re also a cost-effective way to strengthen your kid's teeth and can be customised into different colours.

Stock up on soft foods.
While having braces fitted shouldn't be that painful itself, the light pressure the braces put on kids’ teeth might cause some moderate discomfort for the first couple of weeks. Soft foods like pasta, rice, ice cream, mashed potato or yoghurt, and liquid meals like soup will help keep their energy up without having to chew vigorously during the initial settling in period.

Have lots of orthodontic wax on hand.
While kids get used to their braces, the brackets might cause sores or irritate on the inside of their mouth. Orthodontic wax (also known as dental wax and braces wax) is an easy way to make your kid's braces more comfortable. Just simply roll it in your fingertips to soften it, and then apply it to the part of the bracket that's causing the problem. The wax will create a protective layer that prevents the bracket from rubbing.

As well as keeping it on hand around your home, it's also a perfect idea to give kids their own wax supply. That way, if their brackets cause discomfort while they’re away from home, they'll be able to deal with it quickly and conveniently. Your orthodontist will usually provide as much wax as you need for free.

Focus on the benefits of braces.
While two years of having braces fitted in an adult mouth might not seem a long time, but for a kid it can seem like forever. Gentle reminders that wearing braces is a temporary measure can help boost your kid's confidence. If kids are frustrated by the amount of time they'll need to wear their braces, let them know that braces are meant to be a permanent fix, not a quick one. The main thing is that they know it will all be worth in the long run when they have straight teeth and a confident smile.

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