Top 4 Tips to Make Window Treatments Fashionable

Top 4 Tips to Make Window Treatments Fashionable

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It’s easy for us to forget that simply dressing up our windows makes a room look beautiful and new again. Not all window treatments are cheap, but their capacity to boost the look of your home is worth the price. Here’s how you can add style to your window treatments.

Neutral smoothness
It’s time to stop connecting neutrals with words such as boring and plain. Blending and matching soft neutrals makes for a cosy and comfortable ambience. It’s an elegant scheme that will brighten the space of the room and allow you to play with bright accent colours.

If you want to make the room look larger and more inviting, use the right material and shade of neutral drapes. If you want colour in your curtains, look for a neutral style with a colourful or print border along the edges.

Fresh look
A light and airy drape will make your room relaxing and peaceful. Sheer shades are dainty and classy. Your room can have a fresh and breezy look too. Who wouldn’t love that ambience in their room?

Homeowners are also dressing up their outdoor patios and porches with fresh window treatments. In the same way, it’s also the perfect solution for a vacation home or cottage. The only thing that will bother you when choosing any curtains is to decide how much privacy you want them to provide.

Glaring colours
Glaring and colourful fabrics are now invading homes everywhere, and this includes the windows. These beautiful hues are available in solid, patterned variations and sheer. Curtains are one of the practical and simplest ways to strengthen a room and draw in more colour. Shades and blinds also come in a range of playful colours and styles, so make sure you’ll choose the perfect one that fits your room before installing it.

Try to observe, step out of your comfort zone and simply look at colour red. Red is the colour of passion, action and energy. It brings warm and positive vibe associated with our will to survive and most physical needs. Use colour to create a fascinating and alluring energy in your home.

Flowery & stylish designs
Flowers and embellishment designs are back in style and they come with a new twist. Large floral designs in neutral hues or bright colours are becoming trendy these days. Flower designs bring a feminine and romantic vibe to a room, which makes you feel all homey and comfortable inside. You can also go the other way and make more tropical rainforest vibe if you love that style. Decorative schemes will help you if you like designs except floral pattern.

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